Shipping Solutions for Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years across so many cultures for health and relaxation purposes. We are thrilled they are now gaining popularity as a natural and safe way to strengthen wellness. EcoEnclose is proud to work with many essential oil providers, from passionate artisans hand crafting each and every bottle they sell to larger companies that sell through everyday retailers.

Packaging Considerations

If you’re trying to find the best way to package and ship your essential oils, you’ve come to the right place! We recommend a few different options, depending on how you typically sell your oils, your fulfillment process, and your brand and sustainability values.

Consider a few questions before moving forward:
  • What sizes do you sell? Most companies we work with package their oils in 1 or 2 oz glass bottles. These relatively lightweight bottles need some protection, but not extensive cushioning. Larger, heavier bottles typically require more padding.
  • What kind of orders do you typically receive? One or two bottles at a time, or three or more? Do you sell pre-made kits?

Packaging Recommendations

If you typically sell one or two bottles at a time, and your bottles are 1 to 2 oz, we recommend one of our Protective Mailers:
Both offer the cushioning needed to protect these small, relatively lightweight bottles in transit. Both are 100% recyclable and our padded mailers can be custom printed to promote your brand.

If you typically sell three or more at a time and/or if you sell in bottles over 2 oz each, we recommend a corrugated shipping box in either a tab locking or literature mailer style. Shipping boxes are sturdier, can be sized in a way that fits three or more bottles comfortably.

If you have have 1 to 3 consistent order combinations (i.e. if most customers order either three, four or five bottles), you could use a single shipping box size with a different custom designed insert for each combination you sell.

For heavy bottles or for companies that have a lot of diversity in their orders, we recommend cushioning options in shipping boxes. GreenWrap, Corrugated Bubble and Packaging Paper would all be effective for void fill. Check out our Definitive Guide to Void Fill and Cushioning to learn more and determine which is right for your business.

Click here for a more detailed case study on our work with Rocky Mountain Oils, one of the nation’s leading providers of high quality essential oils.

Read for the specific products described above. If you are interested in shipping boxes with custom inserts, get started by emailing design@ecoenclose.com.

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