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Shipping Solutions for Monthly Subscription Services

The vast majority of subscription services we work with deliver their monthly packages in 100% Recycled Corrugated Shipping Boxes. But not just any shipping boxes! They are usually beautifully designed packages that serve as a little treat for customers, reminding them why they signed up for the service in the first place. Typically, these are presentation style boxes - Tab Locking Boxes or Literature Mailers. They have vibrant, eye-catching multi-panel (sometimes outside and inside the box) prints.

Here, we share a few examples of box designs for monthly subscription services that successfully promote a company's brand, excite customers, and showcase the eco-friendly nature of the packaging.

Because many monthly subscription services provide a variety of different products in one box, void fill - such as GreenWrap, Corrugated Bubble, Tissue Paper, Ornament Shred, or Packaging Paper - can be helpful additions. All are 100% eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Check out our Definitive Guide to Void Fill to learn more about these options and find the right one for your monthly box business.

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