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Can you print on the inside of your corrugated boxes, or just the outside?
Last Updated: 06/16/2017
The answer to that questions depends on the box style and which material you choose for your box.

We offer 4 different box strengths:

44 ECT C
32 ECT C
32 ECT E
23 ECT B

Flute Characteristics

B Flute

1/8” thick

42-50 flutes per foot

Resisting crushing, stacking strength.

Good for folding and printing, and therefore, good for presentation style boxes such as Tab Locking and Literature Mailers.

Lower price vs C or E flute.

C Flute

11/64″ thick

39-43 flutes per foot

Provides good cushioning and strong enough for medium weight boxes.

An effective surface for printing (though slightly less so than B flute).

E Flute

1/16” thick

94 flutes per foot

Strong crush resistance.

Excellent surface for printing.

Excellent for folding.

Becoming more popular in ecommerce presentation boxes.

Reduces box storage space.

We can print on one side only for our 44 ECT C, 32 ECT C, and 23 ECT B material. We can print on both sides of our 32 ECT E Flute material. Please contact our design department for more information!

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