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Process for Custom Printed Orders
Last Updated: 10/23/2017

When we put in a manual order for custom printed items, we need to make sure to let the appropriate people know once the order is processing.

After payment is received:

  1. Mark the order as Processing in Status bar.
  2. Type in the Public Order Notes: "Processing as of (date)"
  3. Send "Invoice To Merchant" via the Email bar.
  4. Send Tim the notification that the print order is processing.
  5. Send an email to let shipping know that the order status has changed to Processing.

After the above, here is the process:

Custom Printed Mailers (Cox Orders)

  1. Order Processing
  2. Batched and Printed
  3. Order sits in a bin - waiting for PO
  4. PO is submitted
  5. Shipping will send any items that are needed -stock items, mailers to cox (if needed)
  6. Order is marked as Pending Shipment if there are no stock items
  7. Order is marked as Partially Shipped if there are stock items

Please note that shipping will wait for the PO to send any stock items. If the PO will take a while and the stock items have to ship right away, we need to communicate with Shipping to make sure the customer gets what they need.

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