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Staples Order Process
Last Updated: 05/29/2018

Staples Order Process

1. CS will input order as a phone order in Volusion.

2. We will ship the order out using UPS account 7F74W7.

3. EcoEnclose is responsible for paying all custom/broker fees/taxes. In World Ship, we choose to Bill Customs Duties to our Third Party Account which is Canada UPS account 93354E. (Shipping/Taxes/Customs/broker fees are all included in the List Price that the customer pays to Staples Canada.)

4. Shipment goes out to the customer in Canada.

5. All packages are brokered through UPS.

Sometimes, the shipping team may forget to choose the duties account to pay for the fees in the shipping process.

If a customer calls and says that they had to pay custom/broker fees:

- Apologize and let them know that was an error.

- Take their order number and address, and we can do one of the following:

  • Send them a check in the mail.
  • Set up an account for them, round the fees up by 20%, and add a store credit to the account.

If a customer or UPS calls and says that they the custom/taxes/broker fees need to paid:

Apologize and let them know it was an error and we will correct the issue immediately.

Immediately contact UPS and ask them to bill to Canada UPS account 93354E

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