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How to Figure Expedited Shipping Cost in Shipping Easy
Last Updated: 12/14/2017
1. Find the dimensions of the shipping carton.

  • FOR STOCK PRODUCTS, you can find the dimensions on the Technical Specs tab on each individual product page. Max weight for any shipment is 50 lbs., so you will have to decide which items will be shipped together. Once you figure the size of the shipping carton, you will add an inch to allow for the outer box.
For example, if the customer orders a 6 x 8 SS Rigid Mailer Case, and an 8.5 x 11" case of chipboard, the dimensions are 9 x 11 x 6" and 11 x 11 x 6". They can be stacked one on top of another, so the dimensions together would be 11 x 11 x 12". You will add 1" to each dimension, to get 12 x 12 x 13" for the outer carton.

  • FOR BOXES, I recommend that you ask the ship department for the exact cost before you take payment. You can give the customer an estimate using the flat dimensions on the Box Pricing Spreadsheet. Once you figure the size of the shipping carton, you will add an inch to allow for the outer box. For large box orders over 200 qty, ask the shipping department to get the ship cost for you, as we won't be able to figure accurately using the spreadsheet.
For example, if the customer orders 25 RSC boxes, 20 x 16 x 5", the flat dimensions are 23 x 38.5 x 11". (That height is for qty 25 boxes on the spreadsheet.) If you add an inch to each dimension, it would be 24 x 40 x 12", or 40 x 24 x 12". The max weight for a shipping carton is about 50 lbs, so for orders over 25 boxes, you will need to figure for more than one shipping carton.

2. Log into Shipping Easy.

3. Check the box in front of the order number.

4. Use the dropdown on the right and select Browse Rates.

5. Input the information and you will receive a quote.
6. If you are not receiving payment right away, please make sure the order is marked as Awaiting Payment, or set a reminder in your calendar to receive the payment!

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