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Is custom-printing available on EcoEnclose Boxes?
Last Updated: 10/21/2016

Why try and fit your custom product into a stock-sized box? Allow us to create the perfect box to fit your unique content and potentially eliminate the wasteful employment of unnecessary void-fill. Reduce first, then reuse and recycle.

You may opt to further customize your box by adding print. Allow us to apply your branding and logo to the box for the ultimate presentation. First time printing with us? Here is what you need to know - get comfy - this is a lot of important info:


All of our custom products are conveniently available to order online. Simply choose the options on this page of our website.

Printing Costs:
1. One-time plate fee depends on the size of your artwork: $1.65 per square inch (minimum fee $95)
2. Printing fee per box – the price is significantly less when you stock-up:

Number of Panels:
The number of times a print is repeated and the location of the impression depends on the box style you choose. For the pricing online, you may print on two panels of the RSC or FPF style, and one panel for all other styles. Multi-panel prints will incur an additional plate fee.

We offer one color printing, with 18 stock ink colors to choose from. Custom colors are available at an additional cost of $100-$350 each (depending on the color). If you'd like a custom PMS color, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Artwork Size:

Please note that your artwork must be:

  • 1.5 MB in size or less

  • VECTOR format (.ai or .eps)
  • with a minimum of 300 PPI

  • ONE color

  • All font should be OUTLINED (in Illustrator-windows: Unlock all layers, Ctrl + A then Shift + Ctrl + O)

    (in Illustrator-mac: Unlock all layers, Cmnd + A then Shift + Cmnd + O)

  • please create all font at a MINIMUM of 12pt to avoid the letters from 'filling in' with ink

It might be a good idea to recruit assistance from a graphic designer to design the perfect art before placing your order. Please have your artwork files prepared prior to placing your order. You will upload your art, select a color, and position your print impression to create an instant e-proof on your custom-sized box with our handy online box designer tool.

If you've ordered from us before and you'd like us to use the same artwork, please choose REPEAT ORDER in Step 8. This will indicate to us that we already have your custom printing plate on file and will prompt us to use it again. Please note that if you will be creating more than one size box, the same plate may not work for a larger/smaller size.

Please allow 2 weeks from approved art for first-time custom print orders. Re-orders will ship within 1 week.

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