How To Recycle EcoEnclose Products

How To Recycle EcoEnclose Products

Sep 10th 2021

Thank you for choosing eco-friendly packaging options! 

One important component of choosing sustainable packaging is to understand what to do with it at the end of its life. For that reason, we include end of life information on each of our product pages. 

You can also shop by end-of-life characteristics through our Shop By Sustainability Features page.

Once you select packaging for your business and get it out to your customers, you want to make sure your packages are responsibly recycled so they don't end up in the landfill or (much worse!) as litter.

To help you inform your customers on what steps to take with their packaging, we've put together this handy  how to recycle guide that your customers can access through their We Care Cards or simply through  

In general, you'll find that our products fall into two main categories: 

Paper mailers and shipping boxes | Poly mailers and bags

Paper Mailers and Shipping Boxes 

Paper mailers and corrugated shipping boxes can all be recycled (ideally after they are reused). 

While most of them can be composted, we strongly discourage composting of these items, as packaging is not desired and not beneficial to composting streams. 

When we say "paper mailers" at EcoEnclose, we are referring to a variety of options - Kraft Mailers, Apparel Mailers, EcoX Mailers, Rigid Mailers and Padded Mailers.

Poly Mailers and Poly Bags

Our recycled poly lined includes  poly mailersclear poly bags and poly bubble mailers

Our poly bubble mailers and poly mailers can both be reused for returns or a second shipment. 

All three of these options can be recycled via thin film drop off bins. If your customer does not have ready access to a thin film bin at a local grocery store, these can also be sent back to EcoEnclose as part of our Poly Take Back Program.

Check out our Consumer-Facing  Guide on How to Recycle Your Packaging for more detail.