Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Kids


I can't lie...this list of cool toys and activities (none of which are made of cheap plastic designed to break in just a few uses) makes me wish I was four years old again!

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The Contenders - an Eco-friendly Book on Competition and Friendship

$10 USD

The Contenders image 0

Perfect for kids aged 8 to 108, and especially loved by 3rd to 6th graders, The Contenders is a book about fifth graders Eunice and Thad, who have to put aside their differences and work together to win a contest. This book is shipped in EcoEnclose packaging and printed using vegetable-based inks onto recycled paper. In fact, Plaid Frog Press publishes all of their children's books and magazines this way!


Beeswax Eco-Crayons from The Nature Atelier

$8 USD

These beautiful crayons are hand-made with beeswax, carnauba wax, coco butter and non-toxic earth pigments packaged in a 100% cotton bag. No plastic, paraffin wax, or soy wax. All of The Nature Atelier's products are designed to inspire the next generation of environmentalists through creative discovery, and everything from ingredients to packaging is eco-friendly.


Wooden Montessori Shapes from Gift Genie Express

$15 USD

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These quality wooden toddler and kids toys are made with sustainably sourced materials, and will last for years through different developmental stages. This 10 piece toy set is a great way to practice stacking, balancing, imaginative open-ended play, eye-hand coordination, shape discrimination and more.


Eddys Pack

$65 USD

Eddys Brand is a baby and toddler sweater company creating new treasures using existing materials. They reknit once loved sweaters into new essentials that are made to last so they can be passed down for generations. Super cool! They source in the USA (although items may come from all over the world), and manufacture in the USA. Their focus is to use no new cotton and no new plastics. And most importantly, this pack is an absolutely adorable addition to a kiddo's sustainable wardrobe.


The Good Glitter

Pricing varies

Kids young and old love glitter (and who can blame them!). But glitter - by design - ends up getting washed down drains. Since most glitter is plastic, this is no good. Enter The Good Glitter. The Good Glitter sells Eco glitter fun biodegradable glitter. It is a sustainable, vegan, cruelty free glitter that biodegrades in natural water systems like lakes, rivers, and even landfills because its eaten by the same enzymes that digest waste. Its a super sparkly, guilt free alternative to plastic glitter, but won't negatively impact our environment. Its packaged and shipped using as little plastic as possible (if any at all)!


Squishable Baby Raccoon

$42 USD


Squishables are cute giant balls of squishy love. They're soft, huggable, cuddly, and all-around awesome. Each Squishable is about 15 inches tall. They squish down a bit smaller, and they stretch a bit bigger. This adorable raccoon is perfect for a girl or boy 3 years old or up (and yes - adults love them too!). Fun fact: Raccoons love washing their food in the nearest body of water. Why? No one knows! Does it soften their paws? Is it an automatic behavior carried over from when they used to rely on sea creatures for their diet? No idea! But one thing's for sure, raccoons are surprisingly hygienic!


Sawyer T-Shirts

$25 USD

Sawyer is an adventure brand striving to make great products that inspire kids to be outside and adventurous. Today, kids spend 8 – 10x more time on electronic devices than they do playing outside! This needs to change. Beyond Sawyer's awesome clothing design, they support their mission by donating 10% of profits to causes that support kids in need, as well as those that preserve our natural environments. Their fabric is dyed in California with start of the art technology that uses 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer. Their sewing & cutting partner's facilities are run on solar power and they recently installed a 450,000 sq ft solar farm.


EcoEvie Leopard Hoodie

$49 USD

For kids that are more predator than prey, this unique shirt is sure to delight! The shirt is also a playful way to start talking about endangered species. EcoEvie is on a mission to wear our water bottles while supporting animal conservation. Our endangered animal themed designs are all printed on 100% recycled post consumer water bottles, and a portion of every sale goes towards supporting animal conservation efforts. This fun, eco friendly kids line dedicated to educating the next generation about the importance of being eco-conscious. Made in the USA- their recycling and mill is located in North Carolina, and printing and manufacturing happens in Milwaukee WI.


Little Global Citizens Subscriptions

Starting at $39.99 USD


This monthly subscription box brings a new country to life for a child through books, interactive crafts, educational games, fun family activities and more! Designed by a team of experienced travelers and educators, with ages 3-8 yrs in mind. Little Global Citizens is proud to support the mission of Room To Read by donating a percentage of all profits to their amazing work.


Briar Handmade Brimmed Rust Linen Bonnet

$32 USD


Made for the little people and moments you cherish the most, these baby bonnets are special and especially loved by the modern, sartorial parent. They hand pick the very best materials for style, quality, and function to all come together, as it should. Briar Handmade bonnets are simply necessary. This rust linen bonnet is reminiscent of a lovely desert sunset. It is handmade from 100% linen and lined with ultra soft 100% organic cotton. Due to the natural fibers in this product, there will be some inconsistencies and variations in the fabric.


Green Kid Crafts Kitchen Science Kit

$34.95 USD


Let kids’ imaginations run wild with these fun and educational science projects! The Kitchen Science Discovery Box will inspire pint-sized scientist with three creative STEM science experiments. These activities demonstrate how the addition of a few special ingredients can make everyday household materials extra-exciting. Thee amazing projects include homemade soap, fizzy bath bombs and a volcano.

Through a partnership with CarbonFund, Green Kid Craft offsets 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by their business and at least 1% of sales are donated to environmental organizations through their membership in 1% for the Planet.


Phunkshun Wear Youth Thermal Ballerclava

$21.99 USD

This Phunkshun Wear® Youth Thermal Ballerclava helps kids fend off frostbite with the same incredibly construction build as their adult versions and the same top-quality fabrics and technology, but with smaller sizing and amazing designs to accommodate most children from ages 4-12. Phunkshun Wear uses Repreve yarns, which are made from plastic bottles recycled in the USA. The company aims to create minimal waste, collecting all scrap fabric generated from the cut and sew process to be recycled back into fabric.


Indie Bambino Toys Deluxe Slingshot with Wool Balls

Starting at $25 USD


Deluxe hardwood maple slingshot with handmade wool felt balls. These slingshots are handmade in the USA with high quality wood, hand sanded, hand painted and hand wood-burned then finished with homemade local beeswax wood rub. Comes with 20 wool balls in assorted colors for ammo. These are heirloom toys made to last. Each slingshot comes with a handle color of your choice and the option to personalize with a name of your choice.


Clover and Birch Balance Board

$50 USD


Balance boards have developmental benefits AND provide endless opportunities for imaginative play. This extra large board is perfect for children and adults alike! The single plane movement of the board is perfect for balance training and use in sensory integration therapies by gently challenging the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Boards will become ships, bridges, tables for tea parties, a scale for blocks, and so much more all in a day’s play.


Pepe and Lupe: I Spy

$52 USD

ispy toy

Pepe and Lupe is committed to supporting slow-fashion and sustainable production; sourcing objects made from pure and natural materials that stand the test of time. This set of wooden tiles provides endless possibilities to create and imagine. Made from sustainable European beechwood.