Eco-Friendly Monthly Subscription Boxes


Who doesn't want a gift that keeps on giving -- month after month! For that person on your list who gets a thrill coming home to a gorgeously packaged, monthly treat, these subscription services are perfect holiday gifts. And check out our Monthly Box and Unique Gifts Pinterest Board for many more git ideas! 

Decentered Lit

$28 (Book Only) to $40 (Full Package)

All Decentred Lit products are shipped using recycled cardboard (sourced from Eco Enclose). In addition, our books are wrapped in newspaper, which is also used as void fill. All full packages include a tote bag, encouraging readers to adopt more eco-friendly shopping habits.

Naturally Crated

Starting at $70 / month

Naturally Crated is a natural, organic and eco-friendly subscription box that you can customize to fit your specific needs and tastes. They send truly safe products once a quarter using. They were voted the best Eco-friendly subscription box for 2019 by "A Year of Boxes"!


Starting at $29 / month


Every month, send the gift of themed boxes filled with fun and all natural products aimed to help recipients reduce the toxins in their home and lifestyle. With step by step instruction cards and pre-measured ingredients, DIY essential products and have the tools to recreate them over and over. Gradually eliminate chemically laden products from life and home.

Teach Kids to Love Coding With Bitsbox

Starting at $16.95 per month


Gift the power of code with Bitsbox: a learning system that teaches real coding. Each level introduces a new computer science concept with a set of crazy fun app projects that arrive every month!

Genuine Wallowa County Subscription Box

Starting at $39 per month

Genuine Wallowa County (GWC) is an e-commerce site featuring items made in Wallowa County, Oregon. They offer a subscription box, gift boxes and build-a-boxes. The goals of this awesome company are to:
*Expand the marketplace for Wallowa County makers, including value-added food producers, artists, musicians, writers, and other craftspeople.
*PAY THEM! GWC products are purchased from their creators, not consigned or taken for free in exchange for “exposure.”
*Encourage past visitors to the county to revisit their favorite makers and share the bounty of Wallowa County with friends and family.
*Give visitors, lovers of handmade items, and locals alike a one-stop shopping experience for popular Wallowa County items.

They offer a variety of single gift boxes as well as a recurring monthly gift box!

Planet Post Box

Starting at $15 USD


Power Post is the first and only eco-activist subscription box. Perfect for aspiring, busy, or overwhelmed environmentalists. Each month, Power Post box delivers all the supplies for a postcard-writing campaign, including postcards, stamps, addresses, infographics about a specific environmental issue, talking points, and links to research and videos. You'll also get 3-4 eco-conscious products to help you reduce your own carbon footprint! All *you* need to do is gather family, friends, or just a beverage, and make your voice heard. It's environmental activism, delivered.

Pure Earth Pets

Starting at $34 USD per month

Eco Friendly Subscription Box For Dogs Subscribe Now Pure Earth Pets

For that friend who loves their pets more than...anything else in the world. These monthly subscription boxes provide natural, organic, earth friendly toys and treats pets will love! 

SALT Effect

$49 USD


A subscription box that offers a family experience that gives back. Families learn about important topics and do service projects around that topic. PLUS 20% of the profits of each SALT effect box are donated to grow the impact of each experience. Beyond the donation, each SALT box includes a product from a company that gives back to that month's social issue. Learn about companies that go above and beyond to make a difference when you purchase their products such as Sevenly, Headbands of Hope and Woodchuck USA.

Whisk and Flour

$28 per month


Whisk and Flour makes great baking accessible, sending monthly recipes and dry ingredients each month. Past desserts include Matcha White Chocolate Shortbread, Cherry Pistachio Biscotti, and Aztec Hot Chocolate Brownie Cookies. An amazing gift for an avid or aspiring dessert chef.

The Fit Boxx

$32 per month


A monthly subscription box delivered directly to your door, filled with workout gear, clothing, supplements and snacks personalized for your specific profile. Everything you need to crush your next WOD.