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EcoEnclose has worked with over 10,000 ecommerce companies, ranging from large, international brands to individual artisans and entrepreneurs who were just getting their ecommerce shop off the ground. We love working with, learning from and being inspired by every single one of them!

Through this experience, we have developed a broad offering and set of capabilities beyond what is available on our website, particularly when companies are seeking 10,000 or more units at a time.

Read case studies describing some of the innovative solutions we've provided to Fjall Raven, Bedrock Sandals and Rocky Mountain Oils. Please contact us directly if you are seeking:

  1. Large volumes quotes (more on this below)
  2. Custom sizes or designs
  3. Consultation/guidance in selecting financially smart, eco-friendly ecommerce solutions
  4. Custom solutions that may involve additional R&D or sourcing (e.g. new materials, new products)

Examples of packaging needs that we encourage you to reach out directly to us on include:

If you're looking for custom solutions, let us know how we can help your business.

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