• White on White - Biodegradable GreenWrap - Permanent Dispenser Refills
  • White on White - Biodegradable GreenWrap - Permanent Dispenser Refills
  • Electric Dispenser
  • Manual Dispenser
  • Table Edge Dispenser

White on White - Biodegradable GreenWrap - Permanent Dispenser Refills

Looking for an alternative to plastic void fill? GreenWrap is a naturally biodegradable alternative to bubble wrap by offering similar cushioning and padded protection but is naturally biodegradable, compostable, SFI-certified, and fully recyclable. It artfully molds around your products, providing beautiful presentation while taking up much less room than traditional plastic bubbles.
Our high volume dispensers allow for quick and easy dispensing of our GreenWrap. The larger rolls prevent the need for a disposable dispenser, which helps save on cost and material use. Unless you already have a dispenser, choose between an Electric Dispenser, Manual Dispenser, or Table Edge Dispenser in the options below. 
Check out these instructional videos on how to set up and use the dispenser!
For any questions on which high volume void fill solution meets your product protection needs, contact [email protected], and feel free to reference our Renewable Protection for additional details.  

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36.00" x
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A lightweight and affordable eco-alternative to plastic bubble wrap. GreenWrap is 100% recyclable & naturally biodegradable. Wrap to protect your product & the planet.

  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Fully recyclable
  • Compostable
  • TCF - Totally Chlorine-free. Oxygen-based and hydrogen peroxide whitening process.
  • SFI-certfied paper
  • Artfully molds around your product
  • Adds cushioning & protection
  • Provides a unique eco-style
  • Made in USA
  • 33,600 ft of total expansion
  • Made from SFI-certified paper
  • Manufactured in the USA