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ReEnclose Reusable Mailers - 100% Recycled Polyester - Bundle of 10


Reusable mailers are an innovative circular shipping solution for sustainably-conscious eCommerce brands who have baked a return shipment into their business model. ReEnclose Mailers are designed to be used 20+ times and can be sent to us for responsible recycling.

Our mailer fabric is made from 100% post-consumer waste fabric from recycled bottles. One bundle of our largest ReEnclose Mailer saves 70 plastic bottles from the landfill.

Pricing varies by size and material. The typical cost per mailer is $0.50 - $1.00 per shipment if each mailer is used 20+ times.

Custom sizing available starting at 100 units. Contact us to order custom-sized reusable mailers.

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Recycled, Reusable Mailers for Sustainable and Circular Shipping

ReEnclose Reusable Mailers have been designed to continue our mission to make packaging truly circular. Check out our Definitive Guide to Reusable Packaging for eCommerce to learn if reusable packaging is the right shipping solution for your business.

There are a lot of questions to ask when trying to determine what you will need to ship your products. We put together a quick FAQ below to help you answer some of the most common questions we receive regarding ReEnclose Mailers and reusable packaging for eCommerce.

What is the fabric and material weight of the ReEnclose Mailer?

ReEnclose Mailers are made from a single ply 100% post-consumer waste woven polyester fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric is treated with an eco-friendly C0 DWR and a water-resistant PU coating. Each yard of fabric recycles about 10 plastic bottles and saves about one pound of carbon emissions, compared to standard nylon or polyester bag fabric. Choose from black, gray, and olive green.

Mailer Size Plastic Bottles Recycled Per Mailer*

6" x 9" (S)

1 Bottle

9" x 12" (M)

2 Bottles

12" x 15" (L)

3 Bottles

19" x 24" (XL)

7 Bottles

*Compared to a virgin fabric mailer

We offer two material weight options - Medium 400D and Thick 840D. These vary in texture, thickness, and aesthetic. We recommend selecting Medium 400D to reduce the amount of material in each mailer, reducing your carbon footprint. If our medium weight material works for you, we'll push firmly for it as the most environmentally preferred option. We offer Thick 840D because we recognize some brands are seeking a thicker, more premium material.

Contact us if you're seeking a custom material weight for your ReEnclose Mailer.

Can I custom size the ReEnclose Mailer?

Yes! Right-sizing your packaging is extremely important to ensure quality sustainability, cost, shipping rate efficiency, and customer experience.

Suppose you exchange your existing single-use mailer with a reusable mailer of the same size. In that case, you'll need to ensure reusable packaging is used at least 20-30 times to ensure an equal environmental impact with your single-use mailer. On the other hand, if you replace your existing single-use mailer with a larger reusable mailer than your current single-use mailer, the number of uses of that reusable mailer rises significantly to ensure an equal environmental impact.

We offer various sizes of ReEnclose Mailers, so you can choose the mailer that is best suited to your shipment. In addition, our large and extra-large reusable mailers feature snaps that enable the mailer to be sized down by folding and snapping the mailer into place. This snapping feature is beneficial for the mailer's journey back to your fulfillment center. For example, your customers will likely send back a portion of the items they received if you run a clothing subscription business. With our snapping feature, your customers can size down the reusable mailer to snuggly secure their return products.

Contact us if you're looking for a completely custom sized ReEnclose Mailer.

Reusable mailers in action

Can I custom brand the ReEnclose Mailer?

Yes! Create an exceptional customer experience with eco-friendly custom packaging. We offer screen printing services on all of our ReEnclose Mailers so that you can include your brand logo or custom artwork directly on your reusable mailer.

Contact us to learn more about our custom branding options for ReEnclose Mailers.

What happens at the end-of-life of ReEnclose Mailers?

Reusable packaging is an excellent step towards a more circular future. But, for reusable packaging to be a better solution for the planet, it must be recycled at the end of its useful life. Reusable mailers are typically about 20 times heavier than single-use poly mailers. So, if your reusable mailers end up in the landfill after 20 uses, they will have resulted in more landfill waste than the poly mailers they replaced. 

Unfortunately, our recycled polyester fabric ReEnclose Mailers are not curbside recyclable. But don't worry! We'll take care of the recycling process for your brand and customers. Send your reusable mailers to EcoEnclose when they are no longer usable. We have partnered with g2 revolution, which ensures that recycled ReEnclose mailers are shredded, cleaned, and reused in the making of composite decking. g2's services aim to reduce waste generation through reuse, recycling, or recovery of used materials to make new products.

If your brand ships in ReEnclose Mailers, we'll share more detail about how to collect and send back old mailers to our warehouse.

Are reusable mailers more sustainable than poly mailers?

Frustratingly, it depends. Consider these critical factors:

  • What are the source material and weight of the reusable mailer and the compared standard mailer?
  • How many cycles do you anticipate for your reusable mailers? How does this number compare to your standard mailer?
  • What happens to your reusable mailer at the end of its useful life? What typically happens to your standard mailer?
  • Does your reusable mailer have to be cleaned frequently throughout its useful life?

Typically, a reusable mailer becomes more sustainable than a poly mailer after several uses. However, the number of uses varies based on the above variables. Our analysis shows that reusable mailers need to be used 20-30 times to ensure an equal impact, depending on the two mailers' construction and features.

We recommend exploring our Reusable Mailers Sustainability Calculator which is designed to help you estimate how many uses or "cycles" your reusable mailer has to go through to ensure it has the equivalent carbon footprint of poly mailers you are replacing.

Learn more and see a high-level example: Comparing Reusable Mailers and Poly Mailers

  • 100% recycled water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Large and Extra large size feature snaps to right-size mailer by folding it in half
  • Pocket with snap closure secures shipping labels in place
  • Made in USA

Each mailer features a zipper closure to seal the mailer. We've added extra protection for the zipper by building in the functionality to fold part of the mailer fabric over the zipper that is then held in place by snaps.


  • Single ply woven polyester made with 100% recycled content
  • Treated with eco-friendly C0 DWR and a water-resistant PU coating
  • Zippers, snaps, and shipping label cover are made of virgin plastic
  • Made in USA
Mailer Size Mailer Material Weight Mailer Unit Weight
9" x 12" Medium 400D 2.72 oz
12" x 15" Medium 400D 3.52 oz
12" x 15" Thick 840D 4.80 oz
19" x 24" Thick 840D 8.96 oz