Retail Boxes

Strong, lightweight, and easy to assemble, retail boxes are ideal for eco-friendly retail and internal packaging. Made from an unbleached and 100% recycled kraft board with an earthy, unpolished finish.

retail boxes for inner packaging
Recycled Content

Recycled Content

Fibers made with 100% recycled content. May also include additives and adhesives.

PCW Content

PCW Content

Made with 90% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills.



High recycled content and can be readily recycled into a useful product in its next life.



Paper fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers. May include synthetic adhesives.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside Recyclable

Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.

Made in USA

Made in USA

Utilizes local recycled inputs, transparent supply chain, lower transportation footprint.

Custom Retail Boxes

Create an exceptional customer experience with custom retail boxes and folding cartons.

Customization is available starting at 5,000 units. Work with us on unique projects, including digital and gloss printing, a breadth of paperboard options, custom cut-outs and windows, custom dielines and structures, and more.

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Material 100% recycled and unbleached tan bending chip kraft board
Recycled Content 100% recycled kraft paper fiber
90% post-consumer waste paper fiber
Thickness 24 pt
Material Features Unbleached and unpolished
FDA-Compliant for direct food contact
Functionality Ships flat for easy handling and storage
Closes with tuck flap
End-of-Life Curbside recyclable with paper
Naturally biodegradable
Origin Made in USA
Box Color Kraft
Print Color Pantone Color Matching System (PMS)
Ink Type HydroSoy Ink
Print Process Flexographic
Print Option Inline: digital and gloss printing, a breadth of paperboard options, custom cut-outs and windows, custom dielines and structures, and more - request quote
Frequently Asked Questions

What are retail boxes? What are folding cartons?

Folding cartons are packaging made with single-ply paperboard that is die-cut, creased, scored, and glued to produce a specific style and size box. They ship flat and are constructed right before they are filled. Folding cartons are used for packaging everything from food to cosmetics to electronics.

EcoEnclose’s stock retail boxes are straight tuck boxes - a specific folding carton style and the most popular on the market. Their top and bottom flaps fold directly into the box from the front to the back or vice versa. All the flaps fold in the same direction as opposed to a reverse tuck box, a style in which the top panel folds in a reverse direction than the bottom.

EcoEnclose offers customizable folding cartons that can be made in any style and size at minimum order quantities of 5,000.

What are the sizes, dimensions, and weights of EcoEnclose retail boxes?

Product Code Product Description Parcel Weight Parcel Dimensions Retail Box Weight Retail Box Weight
RB1.5x1.5x3-25 1.5 x 1.5 x 3" - Bundle of 25 0.55 lbs 3 x 2 x 8" 0.022 lbs 0.352 oz
RB1.5x1.5x3-500 1.5 x 1.5 x 3" - Case of 500 11 lbs 9 x 10 x 14" 0.022 lbs 0.352 oz
RB2x2x4-25 2 x 2 x 4" - Bundle of 25 0.9 lbs 4 x 2 x 10" 0.036 lbs 0.576 oz
RB2x2x4-1000 2 x 2 x 4" - Case of 1000 36 lbs 20 x 8 x 20" 0.036 lbs 0.576 oz
RB3x3x4-25 3 x 3 x 4" - Bundle of 25 2.05 lbs 6 x 3 x 12" 0.082 lbs 1.312 oz
RB3x3x4-500 3 x 3 x 4" - Case of 500 41 lbs 15 x 13 x 22" 0.082 lbs 1.312 oz
RB3x3x6-25 3 x 3 x 6" - Bundle of 25 2.6 lbs 6 x 3 x 14" 0.104 lbs 1.664 oz
RB3x3x6-250 3 x 3 x 6" - Case of 250 26 lbs 15 x 13 x 15" 0.104 lbs 1.664 oz
RB4x4x4-25 4 x 4 x 4" - Bundle of 25 3.1 lbs 8 x 3 x 14 0.124 lbs 1.984 oz
RB4x4x4-250 4 x 4 x 4" - Case of 250 31 lbs 15 x 13 x 30 0.124 lbs 1.984 oz
RB4x4x6-25 4 x 4 x 6" - Bundle of 25 3.8 lbs 8 x 3 x 16" 0.152 lbs 2.432 oz
RB4x4x6-250 4 x 4 x 6" - Case of 250 38 lbs 16 x 14 x 18" 0.152 lbs 2.432 oz

How can I customize folding cartons?

At minimum order quantities of 5,000, EcoEnclose can fully customize your retail boxes, including:

  • Custom styles such as auto bottom boxes, snap bottom / 1-2-3 bottom, sleeves, reverse tuck, two pieces, trays, and fully
  • customizable shapes
  • Custom digital and gloss printing
  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom interior inserts to help hold, protect, and display your products
  • Custom materials beyond tan bending chip, including CCNB and SBS, though we caution brands against using SBS (a virgin, chemical-intensive paperboard)
  • Special features and additions, such as cut-outs and windows

Do you offer retail boxes with windows?

Yes - Explore our new retail boxes with seaweed windows for a regenerative solution to traditional plastic windows.

What is tan bending chip? How does it compare to SBS and CCNB?

Tan bending chip is made from 100% recycled, unbleached paper board. This material is an excellent choice if printing needs are minimal.

CCNB is a paperboard material coated in white kaolin clay to provide a smooth printing surface. The paper board material can be made with up to 100% recycled content. This material is a great choice If slick, polished printing is needed.

SBS is a virgin fiber paperboard made from bleached wood pulp and a clay mineral-coated top surface. We recommend avoiding this material.

Learn more on our blog: Choosing the Most Sustainable Retail Boxes

What materials and material thicknesses can you make folding cartons out of?

EcoEnclose can produce retail boxes from tan bending chip, CCNB, SBS, or corrugated cardboard (specifically F and E flute).

Paperboard stock can be as thin as 12 pt to as thick as 36 pt. Our most common and preferred paperboards include tan bending chip in 20 and 28 pt thickness and CCNB in 18 and 24 pt thickness.

We can work with your brand to match the right material to your needs based on your order quantity, aesthetic, folding carton design, product weight, the level of protection needed, etc.

Can retail boxes be printed with Algae Ink?

Yes - Algae Ink™ is a black ink net negative carbon technology, with each bucket of ink sequestering the same carbon as two trees. Depending on your custom folding carton specifications, the minimum order quantity to print with Algae Ink may exceed our standard MOQ of 5,000 units.

Are EcoEnclose retail boxes FDA-Compliant?

Yes - our retail boxes are FDA-Compliant, meaning the product is compliant with FDA rules and regulations and is created with materials that are FDA-Approved. We recommend ordering case quantities if you plan to use these for direct food contact because our bundles are re-cased in a non-FDA compliant facility.