Carton Sealing Tape



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Every sustainable packaging transition adds up to a big difference. Your adhesives and materials should help your packaging be easily recycled at the end of its life. Therefore, EcoEnclose offers several options in eco-friendly carton sealing tape. Whatever your needs and budget, we have an earth-friendly solution for you.

Check out our Guide to Eco-Friendly Packing Tape to learn how to choose a sustainable tape.

Shop Water-Activated Kraft Paper Tape: Recommended for high-volume applications. WAT is better performing, more reliable, and more affordable per box seal versus pressure sensitive tape. Most often, 1 strip of paper tape will do the job of 3 strips of plastic tape. We offer reinforced and non-reinforced options.

Shop Pressure Sensitive Kraft Flatback Tape: A paper tape ideal for lower volume operations and lighter weight packages. The unique blend of paper backing and pressure-sensitive natural and synthetic rubber adhesive is easy to tear by hand.

Shop Pressure Sensitive Cello Tape: A plastic tape ideal for lower volume operations and lighter weight packages. We've married a cellophane backing with a natural and synthetic rubber adhesive, crafting the perfect tape. It is uniquely and entirely plant-derived, renewable, and industrially compostable. 


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