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Sustainable solutions for internal packaging and retail storefronts.

EcoEnclose's suite of sustainable retail packaging ensures your goods are protected and presented beautifully. 

Introducing Retail Boxes with Seaweed Window

The next generation of regenerative packaging

EcoEnclose is thrilled to partner with Sway – the leader in seaweed packaging development and innovation – to bring our community these new cutting-edge retail boxes.

Our Sway x EcoEnclose window retail boxes are a perfect packaging solution for eco-minded brands that want to work with regenerative materials and help catalyze progress toward circular packaging.

We're launching this innovative product line with two unique stock styles that can be used for everything from candles to baked goods to apparel.

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Our Partnership with Sway

Seaweed as a Packaging Input

retail boxes with seaweed window

Window Retail Boxes

Our strong, lightweight paperboard boxes featuring windows made with Sway seaweed film. 100% recycled, 85% post-consumer waste.

Available in 2 styles

Ready to ship  |  Min. 25 units
Customizable  |  Request a quote 

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100% recycled retail tuck boxes

Retail Boxes

Folding cartons with reverse tuck closure. Strong, lightweight paperboard construction. 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste.

Available in 6 sizes

Ready to ship  |  Min. 25 units
Customizable  |  Request a quote 

recycled boxes for jewelry packaging

Jewelry Boxes

Protect delicate jewelry and secure small items. Ships flat to ensure economical shipping to you. 100% recycled, 90% post-consumer waste.

Available in 1 size

Ready to ship  |  Min. 25 units
Customizable  |  Min. 500 units

100% recycled paper shopping bag

Paper Bags

Easy-to-fill flat-bottom construction. Twisted paper handles. SQF-certified for food safety. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

Available in 4 sizes

Ready to ship  |  Min. 250 units
Customizable  |  Min. 500 units

plastic die cut handle bag

Inline Plastic Bags

Custom plastic bags with die-cut handles. Thin-film recyclable at end-of-life. 100% recycled content, 82% post-consumer waste.

Available in custom sizes and styles.

Min. 100,000 units  |  Request a quote

reusable tote bag

Reusable Shopping Bags

Shopping bags designed for multiple uses. Featuring custom sizing, materials, styles, and branding for a unique retail experience .

Available in custom sizes and styles.

Min. 5,000 units  |  Request a quote

renewable hemp twine

Hemp Twine

Wrap products in Packaging Paper or GreenWrap and tie with twine to give a unique and earthy presentation. 100% renewable hemp.

Available in 2 sizes

Ready to ship  |  Min. 1 unit

paper pouches

Paper Pouches

Transition to curbside recyclable paper to make more sustainable and circular pouches for food, supplements, and more.

Available in 3 sizes

Ready to Ship  |  Min. 100 units
Customizable  |  Request a quote

custom printed stand up pouch

Inline Pouches

Custom printing | Cut-outs | Degassing

Available in custom sizes and styles.

Min. 15,000 units  |  Request a quote