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Pallet Wrap

Wrap your pallets with sustainable stretch wrap solutions.

EcoEnclose offers two eco-friendly pallet wrap solutions to help secure your goods for shipment and manage your wholesale supply chain.

recycled plastic pallet wrap

Recycled Stretch Wrap

Plastic wrap for secure pallet protection. Made from cast film process. 27% recycled, 25% post-consumer waste uniquely derived from LDPE film.

certified paper pallet wrap

Paper Stretch Wrap

A plastic-free alternative to standard stretch wrap. Die-cut, honeycomb paper expands to create cushioning. Made with certified, virgin paper.

Pallet Wrap On The Market

Wrapping and protecting pallets is a necessary evil of logistics and freight. Once pallets are stacked high with cases of product, they have to be secured and protected so they remain intact and in good condition at every stage in the supply chain - from factories to distributors to retailers to small parcel carriers (like UPS) who ultimately deliver packages to customers’ homes.

Anyone who has spent time in a warehouse knows that good pallet protection can use a lot of packaging, much of which is single-use. It is frustrating to see all the material that goes into pallet protection. However, we can’t eliminate it because products on those pallets must stay secure and consumer-ready. Losing products is much worse for the environment than single-use packaging.

However, as with all packaging, we can find more eco-friendly ways to secure and protect pallets. Here, we discuss various eco-friendlier pallet protection solutions that can help bring the industry closer to our ultimate vision of packaging circularity.

+ Recycled Pallet Stretch Wrap
+ “Biodegradable” Pallet Stretch Wrap
+ Honeycomb Paper Stretch Wrap
+ Single-Use Pallet Strapping
+ Reusable Pallet Strapping and Ties
+ Reusable Pallet Covers and Netting