Paper Bags

Use paper shopping bags for packaging multiple purchases quickly. Featuring a stand-alone square-bottom construction, comfortable twisted paper handles, and a durable structure for repeated reuse.

Paper Bags
Recycled Content

Recycled Content

Fibers made with 100% recycled content. May also include additives and adhesives.

PCW Content

PCW Content

Made with 95% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills.



High recycled content and can be readily recycled into a useful product in its next life.

FSC® Certified

FSC® Certified

Made with FSC® certified recycled paper fiber.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside Recyclable

Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.

Made in USA

Made in USA

Utilizes local recycled inputs, transparent supply chain, lower transportation footprint.

Custom Paper Bags

Create an exceptional customer experience with custom paper bags. Add your branding starting at just 500 units. Printed with HydroSoy or Algae Ink™, our paper bags can be branded on one side in one color.

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Material 100% FSC® certified recycled kraft paper fiber
FSC MIX Paper - FSC® C190100
Recycled Content 100% recycled kraft paper fiber
95% post-consumer waste paper fiber
Thickness 60# paper weight
Material Features SQF Certified for Food Safety (category 67)

Plastic-Free - paper fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers, but product may include synthetic adhesives.
Functionality Ships flat for easy handling and storage
Twisted paper handles
Square-bottom construction
End-of-Life Curbside recyclable with paper
Naturally biodegradable
Origin Made in USA
Bag Color Kraft
Print Color Pantone Color Matching System (PMS)
Ink Type HydroSoy Ink or Black Algae Ink
Print Process Flexographic
Print Option Post-production: 1-sided, 1-color
Inline: edge-to-edge designs, additional sizes, 3 color printing, and more - request quote
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes, dimensions, and weights of EcoEnclose paper bags?

Product Code Product Description Parcel Weight (lbs) Parcel Dimensions (in) Bag Weight (lbs) Bag Weight (oz)
PS5.5x3x8.5 5.25" x 3.25" x 8.5" - Case of 250 14 13.25 x 12 x 20 0.068 0.8
PS8x5x10.5 8" x 5" x 10.25" - Case of 250 23 24.38 x 14 x 11.5 0.12 1
PS10x5x13.5 9.75" x 5" x 13" - Case of 250 28 21.25 x 17.5 x 14.25 0.192 1.6
PS16x6x13 16" x 6" x 11.75" - Case of 250 39 22.5 x 16.75 x 17.25 0.208 2.2

What are paper bags?

Paper bags are a type of bag made from paper material, typically kraft paper. They are commonly used for shopping, packaging, and carrying various items. Available in different sizes, colors, and designs to cater to specific needs and preferences, paper shopping bags are an excellent solution for retailers who want to avoid plastic and maximize curbside recyclability.

What are the common uses of paper bags?

Brown paper bags are widely used for shopping, both in retail stores as merchandise bags, in grocery markets as produce bags, and in restaurants as takeout bags. They are also commonly used for packaging gifts, retail merchandise, and takeaway food items. Additionally, small businesses often utilize them to promote their brand to customers.

Are all paper bags the same?

No, paper bags come in various types and specifications. Some have handles, making them easier to carry, while others may not. The quality and construction can also vary, with some made from recycled materials or post-consumer waste for increased sustainability. Additionally, they are available in different sizes to accommodate various items and requirements.

EcoEnclose stock kraft bags are available in a variety of sizes and feature stand-alone square-bottom construction, twisted paper handles that are comfortable to carry, and a durable structure so the bags can be reused multiple times.

How are paper bags made?

EcoEnclose paper bags are made with 100 % recycled brown kraft paper, a strong and durable material. The paper is cut into appropriate sizes and then folded and glued to form the shape of a bag. Handles are attached to the bag during the manufacturing process.

Can paper bags be recycled?

Yes, paper bags are recyclable. Their brown paper can be processed and used to create new products. Recycling helps reduce waste and the demand for virgin materials, contributing to environmental conservation.

What are the bag handles made from? 

They are made with twisted paper. Using paper instead of natural fiber ensures the entire kraft paper bag is curbside recyclable and will be converted back into paper packaging in its next life.

Can I use these paper bags for food purchases?

Yes, these bags are SQF certified and can be used for food. SQF stands for Safe Quality Food, a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program recognized by retailers, company owners, and food service providers worldwide.

Are paper bags more sustainable than plastic bags?

A common debate in retail is the merits of paper vs. plastic. They each have pros and cons, which we detail in our paper versus plastic breakdown.

Spoiler alert - there is no perfect answer! Paper is more circular because it can be easily recycled and made with high recycled content. Plastic (LDPE) bags are recyclable but require a special trip to thin film bins found in most big box retailers and traditional groceries. Additionally, if they “leak” outside the landfill or recycling stream, they become litter that tremendously harms our lands and oceans. That said, plastic has a significantly lower carbon footprint than paper equivalents.

Many of our customers are moving away from plastic to support their sustainability goals. Some also face plastic bans in the municipalities, states, or entire countries where they operate.

Whatever motivates you to adopt a paper strategy, we strongly encourage you to seek 100% recycled content to ensure your packaging swap isn’t putting unnecessary pressure on our planet’s forests. Learn why all paper isn’t created equal.

With that lens, it is hard to beat our recycled paper bag for your eco-friendly retail packaging. They look and feel great, are 100% recycled, and are made with a high percentage of post-consumer content.

Are paper bags more eco-friendly than plastic bags?

Paper has a lot of important attributes that make it a strong sustainable packaging solution. It’s made from a relatively renewable resource, is naturally biodegradable and won’t end up as marine plastic pollution, is curbside recyclable, and can readily be turned back into paper packaging.

But it is by no means a perfect and fully sustainable resource. Paper relies on trees, and unfortunately, how our world currently harvests trees to become the single-use packaging we rely on is depleting ecosystems and primary forests.

Because of this, we strongly advise anyone choosing paper to go with 100% recycled paper packaging to reduce the burden that our heavy paper usage places on our forestlands.

Plastic is well known to be detrimental to the planet. However, anyone debating plastic and paper should also be aware that plastic tends to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than paper. Additionally, plastic is much stronger and will likely lead to less damage and customer frustration than paper alternatives. If you conduct research and decide that plastic makes more sense for your operation, choose 100% recycled plastic options and set up programs to maximize the recycling rate of this material.

Are these paper shoppers the right solution in regions with plastic bag bans?

As of early 2023, nine states have banned single-use plastic grocery bags, and many more municipal bag bans are in place nationwide. The scope of these bag bans varies. Some have an outright ban in place. Some require that businesses charge a minimum amount for single-use bags. Some ban plastic and paper grocery bags. Others ban plastic and require that paper alternatives are 100% recycled. Some ban plastic bags below a certain thickness but allow for thicker ones.

Check out our detailed database of state-by-state packaging legislation and read the details on bans in place where your retail storefronts are located. 

Can I customize paper bags?

Yes, custom printed bags are available at low minimum order quantities of 500 units. Custom shopping bags with your company's logo is a great way to highlight your brand and sustainability commitment and help your customers learn how to reuse and recycle these bags.

At lower volumes, our paper bags with handles can be branded in a single color. At 5,000 units or more, you can choose multiple colors with a full bleed. Learn more about our enterprise capabilities.

Can EcoEnclose ship cases of bags to my retail stores?

Yes, EcoEnclose has set up several unique distribution services. In particular, our Ship to Store program, in which we hold your paper bag inventory and ship cases out to individual stores as they submit orders or requests to us, has significantly benefited retailers and brands nationwide. Learn more about our Ship-to-Store program.