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Packaging for Subscription Boxes


When designing subscription boxes, you want something that will both wow the customer from the stoop and keep your curated products protected in transit. Boxes for monthly subscription services should be beautifully designed packages that serve as a little treat for customers, reminding them why they signed up for the service in the first place.


Because you'll be shipping out so many boxes, it's also essential that they're environmentally friendly. The vast majority of subscription services we work with deliver their monthly packages in 100% Recycled Corrugated Shipping Boxes. These aren't just any shipping boxes; they're eco-friendly, custom-printed subscription boxes.

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Packaging for Subscription Boxes

The Basics of Subscription Box Packaging

Boxes used for subscription service are typically presentation-style boxes - Tab Locking Boxes or Literature Mailers - with vibrant, eye-catching multi-panel prints. Most importantly, they provide excellent protection for your products in transit. After all, no one will continue subscribing to a “broken products” service.


Keep the below in mind when designing your custom subscription boxes for monthly subscription services to ensure you successfully promote a your brand, excite your customers, and showcase your eco-friendly packaging.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom Shipping Boxes

Great subscription box packaging isn’t just about being eco-friendly; aesthetics matter too.


Custom subscription box designs can be beautiful, branded, and good for the environment thanks to our recycled cardboard shipping boxes and Algae Ink™.


First impressions are critical in the world of monthly subscription services. Customers will feel like they are getting more for their money when the experience starts at the stoop, not just after unboxing. The unboxing experience matters, and it can be eco-friendly with our custom packaging!


The best subscription box designs are stylish and eco-friendly. You are committed to the environment in your subscription box packaging, and your customers will appreciate it! Our shipping boxes are 100% recycled from 95% post-consumer content - show it off!


Product Protection

Because many monthly subscription services provide various products in one box, void fill can be a helpful addition. All are 100% eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Read our Definitive Guide to Protective Packaging to learn more about these options and find the right solution for your monthly subscription boxes.

biodegradable greenwrap protective paper


Honeycomb paper ships flat and expands through a dispenser to create moldable cushioning. Made with certified, virgin paper.

100% recycled custom tissue paper

Tissue Paper

Certified sustainably sourced 10# paper protects against scuffing and dust. 100% recycled, 20% post-consumer waste.

100% recycled paper shred void fill

Ornament Paper Shred

Shredded indented Kraft paper scrunches up for light cushioning and presentation. 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste.

100% recycled packaging paper

Packaging Paper

Provides blocking and bracing support within a shipping box and can also be wrapped around products for light protection. 100% recycled.

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