• ReEnclose Reusable Mailers - 100% Recycled Polyester - Bundle of 10

ReEnclose Reusable Mailers
Fabric Mailers | Bundle of 10

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An innovative circular shipping solution for sustainably-conscious eCommerce brands with return shipments in their business model. Designed to be used 20+ times and made from 100% recycled fabric from recycled bottles.

The cost per mailer is $0.50 - $1.00 per shipment if each mailer is used 20+ times.

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EcoEnclose is on a mission to make packaging truly circular - with a focus on maximizing post-consumer waste, ensuring recyclability, minimizing carbon footprints, building ethical supply chains, and more. ReEnclose Reusable Mailers, made from recycled plastic bottles, helps continue this mission.

ReEnclose Mailers In Action

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Making the switch to reusables can be complicated. For some business models, reusables is an environmental win. For others, single-use packaging is the more sustainable option. Reusable mailers can make your logistics more complex and costly, or they could be an efficient and less expensive long-term solution.

EcoEnclose will be your EcoAlly, helping you be thoughtful and data-driven in your decision making and providing hands on guidance as you shift your operations towards reusable packaging. We won't push reusables when it isn't the right fit, and we will be a thought partner when you face unexpected logistical challenges. We'll customize your ReEnclose Mailer to achieve a minimal environmental footprint and maximum brand impact. We will test and decide on the best packaging solution for your business model and environmental goals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

+ Can I custom brand the ReEnclose Mailer?
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+ Are reusable mailers more sustainable than poly mailers?



Made from a single ply 100% recycled woven polyester fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. Treated with an eco-friendly C0 DWR and a water-resistant PU coating. Zippers, snaps, and shipping label cover are made of virgin plastic.

Each yard of fabric recycles about 10 plastic bottles and saves about one pound of carbon emissions, compared to standard nylon or polyester bag fabric.

Mailer Size Plastic Bottles Recycled Per Mailer*

6" x 9" (S)

1 Bottle

9" x 12" (M)

2 Bottles

12" x 15" (L)

3 Bottles

19" x 24" (XL)

7 Bottles

*Compared to a virgin fabric mailer


Our fabric weights - Medium 400D and Thick 840D - vary in texture, thickness, and aesthetic.

We recommend Medium 400D to reduce the amount of material in each mailer, reducing your carbon footprint. If our medium weight material works for you, we'll push firmly for it as the most environmentally preferred option. We offer Thick 840D because we recognize some brands are seeking a thicker, more premium material.

Mailer Size Mailer Material Weight Mailer Unit Weight
9" x 12" Medium 400D 2.72 oz
12" x 15" Medium 400D 3.52 oz
12" x 15" Thick 840D 4.80 oz
19" x 24" Thick 840D 8.96 oz

Contact us if you're seeking a custom material weight for your ReEnclose Mailer.

Zippers and Snaps

Each mailer features a secure zipper closure and fabric snap flap to protect the zipper. The large and extra large size feature snaps to right-size mailer by folding it in half. Each mailer also features a pocket with snap closure to secure shipping labels in place.