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Do you produce one-of-a-kind art prints or paintings? Are you a designer who sells postcards or posters? Perhaps you sell custom-made stationary or journals on Etsy? Artists should package their pieces in ways that protect their contents and deliver them to customers with as much care and creativity as went into producing them.


Artwork shipping boxes are almost as important as the art itself. If the art doesn't arrive intact, it's as good as lost. Here, we present a few different ideas on potential packaging strategies for art.

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What To Consider When Packaging And Shipping Art Pieces

You’ve designed, created, or printed your customized art. Whether you sell flat, rolled, or framed prints, postcards, paintings, or something else, you want to ensure your customers receive your unique pieces in excellent condition. With that in mind, you’ll want to think through the following components of an art packaging strategy.

Dust and Smudge Protection:

Many artists will put a layer that protects their pieces from the dust or smudging that a protective layer or outer shipping packaging can create. This additional layer can be something like tissue paper or a plastic sleeve.

Breakage Protection:

Often, artists will add rigidity to their packaging to ensure their pieces do not bend. Additionally, void fill is often used, especially if the artwork is fragile and breakable.

Shipping Packaging:

Once your inner packaging is finalized, you’ll need to determine how you want to ship your art - in a box or a mailer, and which style and size works best.

Store Retail Packaging:

This is only relevant if you sell in a retail environment instead of, or in addition to, your online presence.

As you’re determining your optimal solution for each of the above packaging elements, consider the following.

Artwork Value:

If you produce and sell watercolor paintings, and each piece is custom-made and irreplaceable, taking the time and spending the resources to fully protect package contents is well worth the money and effort. On the other hand, if you sell small prints that can be reprinted if necessary, you may be more willing to risk a very occasional damaged product.


For example, if you sell prints, putting your items into a rigid mailer with minimal secondary protection may be okay and is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, if you sell a watercolor, you’ll likely want to invest in a layer or two of paper or plastic dust protection, followed by cushioning such as GreenWrap and packaging paper, followed by corrugated pads or corner protectors, followed by a strong flute shipping box.

Package Rigidity:

Is it relatively easy for your product to bend or fold in transit? If so, make sure to factor packaging rigidity into your strategy. For example, our 100% Recycled Rigid Mailers or 100% Recycled Custom Shipping Boxes keep products flat. Some artists will also add a layer or two of corrugated pads to add further rigidity to their package.


If your art cannot physically be folded or if a slight bend in it is acceptable, then cushioned protective mailers like our 100% Recycled Padded Mailers or 50% Recycled Bubble Mailers could work well.

Product Quantity:

Do you sell 100 postcards at a time, or do you typically sell a single print? A flat paper mailer - like our rigid mailers - will do the trick if you sell a single print or a handful of prints. On the other hand, if you sell 100 postcards or a canvas print, you’ll need to ship in a package with height, which typically means you need a shipping box.


Some artists prefer to roll their prints! If that sounds like you, consider our FPF boxes, which are long, narrow boxes that work beautifully for rolled posters and prints.

Artwork Shipping Solutions

What makes EcoEnclose paper mailers and corrugated shipping boxes more sustainable?

Be proud of how you ship with our recycled, curbside recyclable, and naturally biodegradable shipping solutions.

100% Recycled Content

Each paper mailer and shipping box is made with 100% recycled fibers, with a minimum of 90% post-consumer waste. Learn why recycled content matters.

Made in USA

Our shipping boxes and paper mailers are proudly made in the USA. Learn why we prioritize domestic manufacturing.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside recyclable packaging means higher recycling rates, fewer materials in the landfill, and more saved resources. Learn why curbside recyclability matters.

Ship Flat

Our shipping boxes ship flat, ensuring no shipped air and the most economical shipping to your door. Plus, flat boxes make for easier storage in your facility.

self-sealing recycled rigid paper mailer

Self-Seal Rigid Paper Mailers

The rigidity of our thick 28pt paperboard mailers is ideal for shipping single pieces of artwork and photography. Self-sealing adhesive makes packaging easy. Sizes range from 6" x 8" to 11" x 13.5". 100% recycled, 90% post-consumer waste.

Available in 3 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 10 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

extra rigid recycled paper mailer

Tab-Lock Rigid Paper Mailers

The rigidity of our extra-thick 36 pt paperboard ensures your product does not bend in transit. Ideal for single prints. Close tabs and seal with tape. Sizes range from 6" x 8" to 12.75" x 15". 100% recycled, 90% post-consumer waste.

Available in 3 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 10 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

custom corrugated one panel fold shipping boxes

Custom OPF Boxes

Create an incredible unboxing experience. Choose your size, strength, and branding. Ideal for slim, flat items such as framed prints. Pair with GreenWrap to protect glass or ceramic. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

Available in custom sizes

Custom sizing | Min. 1 unit
Custom branding | Min. 100 units

custom corrugated five pane fold shipping boxes

Custom FPF Boxes

Choose your size, strength, and branding. Comparable to standard shipping tubes. Ideal for tall and long items such as rolled posters and artwork prints. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

Available in custom sizes

Custom sizing | Min. 1 unit
Custom branding | Min. 100 units

Artwork Packaging Protection

Artwork, ceramics, frames, and more are delicate and require proper protective packaging to keep them looking sharp to their final destination. Our eco-friendly inner and protective packaging solutions protect fragile edges and surfaces, and keep away dirt, moisture, and dust. All are thin-film or curbside recyclable.

FSC certified vela glassine paper bag

Glassine Bags

Curbside recyclable alternative to a clear poly bag. Smooth, translucent, certified sustainably sourced and acid-free. Sizes range from 6" x 8" to 13.75" x 19.75".

Available in 7 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 25 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

100% recycled clear poly bags

Poly Bags

Protect and separate delicate pieces from dust, dirt, moisture, and scratching. Available with and without suffocation warning. Sizes range from 4" x 5" to 18" x 24". 100% recycled poly film.

Available in 7 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 200 units
Customizable | Request a quote

biodegradable greenwrap protective paper


Honeycomb paper expands to create moldable cushioning. Wrap around framed prints and ship your product in a custom-sized OPF shipping box. Made with certified, virgin paper.

Available in 1 size and 2 colors

Ready to ship | Min. 1 unit

custom corrugated shipping boxes

Custom Corrugated Pads

Custom cut to your exact dimensions ensures full-coverage protection. Place a pad on the top and bottom of your print for added rigidity. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

Available in custom sizes

Custom sizing | Min. 1 unit
Custom branding | Min. 100 units

Artwork Retail Packaging

Wow your in-store shoppers with sustainable packaging. Send your customers home with custom shopping bags and tissue paper with brand messaging.

100% recycled paper shopping bag

Paper Shopping Bags

Flat bottom bags are easy to fill, and twisted paper handles are easy to carry. Sizes range from 5" x 7.5" to 12" x 15". 100% recycled, 95& post-consumer waste.

Available in 4 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 250 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

renewable hemp twine

Hemp Twine

Wrap products in tissue paper, GreenWrap, or other protective packaging solutions and tie with rustic hemp twine to create a unique and beautiful presentation. 100% hemp.

Available in 2 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 1 unit

100% recycled custom tissue paper

Tissue Paper

Certified sustainably sourced 10# paper protects against scuffing. Neutral pH, anti-tarnish, and safe for photographs. 100% recycled, 20% post-consumer waste.

Available in 1 size and 2 colors

Ready to ship | Min. 480 units
Customizable | Min. 4,800 units

Sustainable Packaging Inspiration

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