Packing Paper

Wrap, protect, and present your products beautifully with our earth-friendly alternatives to plastic bubble wrap®. Purchasing rolled paper cut to the exact length you need reduces waste and saves money.

recycled packaging paper
Recycled Content

Recycled Content

Fibers made with 100% recycled content. May also include additives.

PCW Content

PCW Content

Made with 30-40% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills.



Paper fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers.



Made from readily renewable raw materials that can be regrown.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside Recyclable

Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.

 Made in USA

Made in USA

Utilizes local recycled inputs, transparent supply chain, lower transportation footprint.

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  • 100% Recycled Indented Kraft Paper Roll - 24" x 360'

    Indented Kraft Paper Roll
    100% Recycled - 24" x 360'

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  • Paper Roll Cutter & Dispenser - 24"

    Cutter & Dispenser
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  • GreenFill Dispenser

    Automated Void Fill

  • NextGen Wheat Paper Roll - 40# - 24" x 900'

    NextGen Wheat Paper Roll
    24" x 900'

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes EcoEnclose’s packing paper more eco-friendly than other void fill options?

Most traditional void fill - such as peanuts, pillows, and bubble wrap® - is virgin and difficult to recycle. Our packaging paper is 100% recycled and is curbside recyclable.

Bubble wrap®, packaging peanuts, and air pillows encourage brands to ship and store an excessive amount of air. Packaging paper arrives on a large roll with no excess air. And you can tear off the exact amount you need for each package you ship.

How should packing paper be used?

You can use paper wrap in several different ways. Most commonly, it is torn off, crumpled up, and placed anywhere there is excess air in shipping boxes. The paper acts as dunnage when used this way, filling spaces in packaging that - if left open - would cause contents to shift and move around in transit, leading to damage and disarray.

Another common approach is to use this paper as a product wrap. This approach can help protect your goods from being scuffed or dented. It can also create a gorgeous unboxing experience! Many brands that use paper this way finish with hemp twine or stickers to create a layered and luxurious packaging design.

Do you offer automated, high-volume solutions for packing paper?

Yes - We use an automated dispenser for packaging paper in our warehouse. If you are interested in this, check out our automated fulfillment solutions and contact us to get your machine and refillable paper ordered.

What is the difference between your packing paper options?

30# Kraft Paper: The thinnest option we carry at EcoEnclose. A roll has 1200’ of material. This thin and pliable paper is a great option when you’re just trying to fill a little bit of excess air in a package to hold a product in place. Because of its flexibility, this paper is also a great protective option if you are trying to wrap a somewhat oddly shaped item (and need to wrap the packaging paper around the shape).

40# Kraft Paper: This is the industry standard! A roll has 900’. If you crumple it in a ball, it doesn’t “give” as much as 30#, so even though it is slightly more expensive than 30#, it is ultimately a more cost-effective and sustainable solution because you can use less to get the job done.

60# Kraft Paper: The thickest and sturdiest of them all! A roll has 600’. Our favorite part about our 60# kraft packaging is its postal approval. That means it is sturdy enough to wrap AND ship your product, allowing you to create your mailers from packaging paper. It is a great solution if you have a lot of air to fill (again, you’ll need less material to provide the same amount of protection and “give”) or want a solid, durable wrap for your product. It is not very pliable, though, and is more difficult to work with.

Indented Kraft Paper: This paper has ridges and bumps that add texture and a small amount of cushioning. If you just need a bit of protection and want to avoid the eco sadness of bubble wrap® and the slight operational complexity of GreenWrap, this is an excellent option for wrapping products. It makes for a sleek and aesthetically pleasing final presentation. Indented paper offers more protection than flat packaging paper. This paper has 360’ per roll.

Newsprint Paper: A thin, 30# packaging paper option. This roll has 1700’. Like the 30# Kraft packaging paper, this option is highly pliable and great for balling up to fill small pockets of air or wrapping your products (especially oddly shaped products) to provide some basic protection in transit. Unlike our eco-friendly kraft packaging paper, this option is off-white, giving it a more sleek and modern aesthetic and finish.

Bogus Paper: A relatively thick packaging option, the 50# packaging paper is made from recycled kraft paper and newsprint. This is our only 50# packaging paper option, making it thicker and more protective than our 40# kraft paper but thinner than our 60# kraft paper. It is a great option to fill in moderate air pockets. It is our only grey packaging paper option, a color that complements the branding and packaging scheme of many companies we work with.

Can packing paper be an eco-friendly alternative to gift wrapping paper?

Yes - Gift wrapping is one of our favorite uses for paper wrap. It is a beautiful, earthy, eco-friendly, and significantly less expensive way to wrap your products up for gift-givers. Add some hemp twine and a stamped design, and you will have a wow-worthy experience.

What is the best way to dispose of the paper roll and the plastic wheels?

The plastic wheels on the ends of the paper roll are essential to the slitting and rolling equipment used to create these usable paper roll sizes. The wheels also ensure the roll retains its shape rather than getting squashed throughout the supply chain. Unfortunately, these wheels are made of plastic and are unrecyclable. We continue exploring opportunities to use recycled content here and design for recyclability.

The paper roll (the roll that is left after you’ve used all of your paper), is curbside recyclable. It is also a very strong and durable roll, with significant potential for reuse or upcycling.

Can your packing paper be custom branded?

Yes - We offer custom-printed packaging paper. Because these are custom branded inline, the minimum order quantity is relatively high - 50 rolls (one pallet of material). Contact us for more information.