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Protective Packaging & Void Fill

Ensure your packages arrive safely and with a unique, eco-friendly unboxing experience.

Thankfully, the world of protective packaging is no longer limited to virgin bubble wrap and plastic air pillows. EcoEnclose provides a variety of eco-friendly void fill solutions, protective packaging, and shipping accessories to meet your unique shipping needs.

Get started with our Definitive Guide To Protective Packaging & Void Fill and shop all products below.

100% recycled custom tissue paper

Tissue Paper

FSC certified 10# paper protects against scuffing and dust. Custom tissue paper is available. 100% recycled, 20% post-consumer waste.

100% recycled corrugated bubble void fill

Corrugated Bubble

Plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Custom sized to your specifications. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

100% recycled packaging paper

Packaging Paper

Provides blocking and bracing support within a shipping box and can also be wrapped around products for light protection. 100% recycled.

biodegradable greenwrap protective paper


Die-cut honeycomb paper ships flat and expands through a dispenser to create moldable cushioning. Made with certified, virgin paper.

100% recycled paper shred void fill

Ornament Paper Shred

Shredded indented Kraft paper scrunches up for light cushioning and presentation. 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste.

recycled flexihex product sleeve

Flexi-Hex Air Sleeve

Lightweight honeycomb sleeves in various sizes ships flat and expands to be wrapped around fragile items. 76% recycled.

recycled molded pulp protective packaging

Molded Pulp

Designed with rounded corners and complex three-dimensional shapes to securely protect your product. 100% recycled.

Protective Functions

EcoEnclose protective packaging options support four different protecting functions.


Wrapping each product with cushioning for protection against the impact of a package being dropped and from colliding with other products in a box. Items like glassware, bottles, candles and pottery need this type of protective packaging.

Recommendations: Corrugated Bubble, GreenWrap, Flexi-Hex Air Sleeve, Molded Pulp


Having a streamlined set of shipping boxes that can accommodate orders varying in product set and quantity. These boxes end up with empty space that need to be filled with cushioning for blocking and bracing so items don’t move and damage themselves or each other in transit.

Recommendations: Corrugated Bubble, Packaging Paper


Some items, such as books, are not fragile or awkwardly shaped but often require edge crush protection to ensure that impact to the package does not result in the crushing of corners and sides.

Recommendations: Corrugated Bubble, Ornament Paper Shred


Some items, such as apparel or textiles shipped in a corrugated box, are not fragile or prone to breakage. However, they may call for basic dust and scuff protection.

Recommendations: Tissue Paper


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