Packaging for Cosmetics


Gone are the days when buying cosmetics means a trip to the department store and selecting from just a handful of luxury or mainstream options. Today, cosmetics and skin care is easily ordered online - which is excellent for the environment and independent businesses because it means forward-thinking, eco-conscious companies can shine through and compete with mainstream brands.

If you make or sell eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare, thank you for helping keep people and the planet safer. Read on for tips on how to best package your goods for shipping.

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packaging for cosmetics

Cosmetics Packaging Considerations

If you're looking for the best way to package and ship your cosmetics and skincare products, you've come to the right place. Here, we share a few different approaches based on how you sell, whether or not you have retail packaging, how you fulfill, whether or not you get a lot of returns, and your brand's sustainability values. Consider a few questions before moving forward:

Do you use standard retail packaging?

If yes, you may only need outer protection. If no, you may need an eCommerce packaging strategy that provides product and outer protection.

Are your products fragile?

Glass, heavy compacts with pressed powder, perfumes, and heavy bottles are examples of items you want to give extra protection in transit to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition.

What are your order sizes like?

One small item at a time? Entire kits? An assortment of different products?

Do you need packaging flexibility?

Does your fulfillment strategy require that you only use one or two different packaging sizes and solutions? Or do you have the flexibility to stock a large variety?

Cosmetics Shipping Solutions

If your standard order includes one or two light items that are already retail packaged, consider protective, cushioned mailers. Our 100% Recycled Padded Mailer and our 50% Recycled Bubble Mailer offer the cushioning required to protect fragile skincare and cosmetics in transit, and ensure you aren't over-packaging your goods. Both mailers are 100% recyclable and, as one of our unique offerings, padded mailers can be custom printed at low volumes to promote your brand.

If your orders tend to be larger, with a variety of items, or you ship very fragile goods, we recommend 100% Recycled Shipping Boxes. Shipping boxes are study structure and can be custom sized. Order a single box size that can accommodate all of your orders, or opt for several different sizes so different boxes are used for small, mid-sized, and large orders.

upcycled 100% recycled paper padded mailer

Padded Mailers

Upcycled newspaper between recycled Kraft paper. Ideal for shipping fragile items. 100% recycled, 20% post-consumer waste.

Available in 5 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 10 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

50% recycled poly bubble mailer

Bubble Mailers

Thin-film recyclable, tear strip for easy opening, second adhesive strip for reuse. 50% recycled, 10% post-consumer waste.

Available in 7 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 25 units
Customizable | Min. 500 units

custom corrugated shipping boxes

Custom Shipping Boxes

Choose your style, size, strength, and branding to create an exceptional unboxing experience. 100% recycled, 95% post-consumer waste.

Available in countless configurations

Custom sizing | Min. 1 unit
Custom branding | Min. 100 units

Cosmetics Inner Packaging

If your goods aren't already in retail packaging, you may be looking for both inner and shipping packaging. If that is the case, our most popular inner packaging solution is 100% Recycled Retail Boxes. Stock sizes are available in quantities as low as 25 in a variety of sizes. We also offer custom sizes and packaging designs starting at 5,000. At these higher volumes, retail boxes can be fully printed.

If you are looking for 5,000+ units, consider requesting a quote for our 100% Recycled Paper Tubes, which are also available for custom printing.

100% recycled retail tuck boxes

Retail Boxes

Folding cartons with reverse tuck closure. Lightweight and strong paperboard construction. 100% recycled, 97% post-consumer waste.

Available in 6 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 25 units
Customizable | Request a quote

Cosmetics Protective Packaging

When shipping in corrugated boxes, we strongly recommend using void fill or protective packaging to keep products in place and protected in your box. Our Definitive Guide to Protective Packaging can help you decide between our eco-friendly options.

biodegradable greenwrap protective paper


Die-cut honeycomb paper ships flat and expands through a dispenser to create moldable cushioning. Made with certified, virgin paper.

Available in 1 size and 2 colors

Ready to ship | Min. 1 unit

100% recycled paper shred void fill

Ornament Paper Shred

Shredded indented Kraft paper scrunches up for light cushioning and presentation. 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste.

Available in 1 size

Ready to ship | Min. 1 unit

recycled flexihex product sleeve

Flexi-Hex Air Sleeve

Lightweight and flexible honeycomb sleeves ship flat and expand to wrap around fragile items. Made with FSC-certified paper. 76% recycled.

Available in 4 sizes

Ready to ship | Min. 25 units

100% recycled packaging paper

Packaging Paper

Provides bracing in a shipping box and light protection when wrapped around products. 100% recycled, 30-40% post-consumer waste.

Available in 6 sizes and 3 colors

Ready to ship | Min. 1 unit

Looking for Guidance?

We'd love to help you find the right shipping solution for your business.