Transitioning From Plastic To Paper Packaging

From Plastic to Paper

everything to consider when switching from plastic packaging to paper alternatives

Are you considering transitioning from plastic packaging to paper packaging?

Going plastic-free can be complicated and frustrating, and moving to paper can impact your budget, operations, and unboxing experience.

To make the transition a success, we help brands research their best alternatives, review samples and conduct ship tests, and then make the swap.

Dive into our resources to get started.

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Toolkit to Switch from Plastic to Paper Packaging

EcoEnclose has helped hundreds of brands on their journey to reducing plastic packaging in their supply chain.
This process includes six critical steps:
Step 1: Confirm your brand is ready to transition
Step 2: Establish decision-making criteria
Step 3: Choose non-plastic solutions
Step 4: Pilot, implement, and manage
Step 5: Promote, measure, and assess
Step 6: Improve and enhance circularity
We'll partner with you every step of the way ensure your transiton from plastic to paper packaging is a success.

EcoEnclose's Plastic Packaging Alternatives

EcoEnclose offers various sustainable packaging solutions to jumpstart your plastic-free packaging journey.
Some are 100% plastic-free. Most are not truly absent of any plastic or polymer. Others have a small amount of plastic in the tear strip, poly additives as part of the adhesive, or silicone coating in the release liner.
Where there are small poly-based additions to a product, we are working hard to move away from them while still maintaining the functionality and overall sustainability of the product.
Shop our assortment of shipping boxes, paper mailers, inner packaging and protective packaging solutions, packing tape, and more.

Get a Curated Plastic-Free Sample Kit

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Looking for Guidance?

Let us help you navigate plastic-free packaging for your business.