Eco-Friendly Custom Packaging

Grow your business, one custom package at a time.

Give your products the presentation they deserve with eco-friendly, branded custom packaging.

As with everything we do, our custom print capabilities help you show Mother Earth some love while delivering a premium packaging experience. We use eco-friendly inks, including algae ink wherever possible. Wow your customers at first glance and cut down on internal packaging material currently used for an enhanced unboxing experience.

Don't know anything about custom packaging? Not sure where to start? All you need is your product, your desired packaging, and your logo in vector format - we’ll take care of the rest. We can tailor custom packaging solutions to fit any business size. Looking for enterprise-level custom packaging - 10,000 or more units? We have you covered here as well.

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Benefits of Custom Packaging

eco-friendly custom packaging

For e-commerce brands, the shipped package represents the most direct touchpoint with a customer. It’s also one of the most underused marketing opportunities at your disposal.

Here at EcoEnclose, we say that first impressions are everything, but don’t take our word for it - a 2016 survey from Dotcom Distribution found that 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging. A whopping 83% of consumers would share an image of a delivery via social media if it arrived in unique, branded packaging.

Done well, branded, sustainable packaging makes a significant difference in category dominance, sales growth, brand equity, and consumer loyalty. Custom printed packaging solutions from the outside of the box to the void fill help to ensure safe product delivery while creating a memorable e-commerce experience for your customers. Brand packaging isn’t just for the big companies either- our custom packaging supplies are available in runs as small as 100 units for shipping boxes and 250 units for mailers. Businesses of any size can create custom packaging.

Curious how other successful brands are using custom packaging products as a key component of their marketing strategy? Our custom-print clients include industry leaders such as Amy’s, Smartwool, Rocky Mountain Oils, and Fjallraven who are creating beautiful e-commerce experiences for their customers. Looking for packaging inspiration from brands large and small? Explore our Instagram feed for photos of our clients’ beautiful, customized packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company too small for custom branded packaging? Too big?

We love that we can serve companies of all shapes, sizes, and missions. Custom packaging for small businesses isn't just possible- it's easy! We can custom print as few as 100 units for shipping boxes, 250 units for black prints on paper mailers, and 500 for poly mailers and color prints on paper mailers. We also offer custom mailers and custom shipping boxes wholesale, serving Fortune 500 brands who need 25,000 to 1 million or more units at a time. If you have high capacity needs, including custom converting, inline multi-color printing, and large volume stock, check out our large run capabilities here.

Are my customized packaging needs too complicated? Too simple?

In our work with more than 10,000 brands, we’ve discovered that sustainable packaging is never one-size-fits-all. From independent artists selling on Etsy to multi-billion dollar industry leaders, we treat everyone with the same level of care. 

While smaller orders have some artwork limitations in terms of the number of colors and art boundary that can be supported, we find that the final result on these branded mailers and boxes are still absolutely beautiful. See for yourself - check out our post-production custom print inspiration! When you order 5-10,000 or more paper mailers and 25,000 or more poly mailers, your artwork limitations almost disappear entirely - check out our inline custom print inspiration!

Is it hard to order custom packaging? Do I need to deal with (gasp!) salespeople?

So quick. So easy. Custom printed packaging doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of our clients upload their artwork and purchase packaging online in less than five minutes (three minutes for repeat orders). No quoting, no salespeople, no friction. Simply go to the product page for the item you are looking for, select the “custom printed option” and follow the instructions provided.
Prefer to chat with a human? We’re always happy to guide you or answer questions. Seriously, we love it. Contact us to share more about your custom packaging needs and someone from our design department will get back to you within one business day. Prefer to chat? Give us a call: 888.445.6575. We strive to fit into your process, not the other way around.

Enterprise-Level High-Volume Capabilities

high-volume custom packaging solutions

If you have special or high-volume packaging needs, please reach out to us directly to discuss the following:

  • Special or large volume quotes
  • Custom sizes or designs
  • Consultation/guidance in selecting financially smart, eco-friendly e-commerce solutions
  • Custom solutions that may involve additional R&D or sourcing (new materials, new products)

Sustainable Inks and Printing Methods

flexographic custom printing methods

While there is no ink available today that is 100% free of non-renewable resources or chemicals, we've come a long way since the 1970's when most inks on the market had petroleum-based carriers. These were referred to as "solvent-based inks" which release harsh VOCs into the air.

Today at EcoEnclose, many of our products are printed flexographically with water-based inks, which release few or no VOCs. This includes printing for our custom shipping boxes, the majority of our custom mailers, our custom tissue paper, and our custom packing tape. To take it a step further, we've partnered with Living Ink Technologies to offer water-based black algae ink for most of our paper-based products. Instead of petroleum being used as the basis for the black pigment (the vast majority of black print ink is carbon black, derived from fossil fuels), algae ink's pigment is derived from renewable algae cells.

Some of our products are printed with other printing methods, such as our custom stickers and custom notecards which are printed digitally with toner.

Learn more on the blog: What Is The Most Sustainable Ink? and The World's Most Sustainable Ink: Algae

Shipping Accessories: Custom Stickers, Custom Tissue Paper & More

When it comes to building a sustainable packaging strategy, the shipping box or mailer is just the beginning. Round out your materials with eco-friendly, custom shipping accessories. If custom packaging isn't right for your business just yet, check out our pre-printed options!

renewable custom packing tape

The Seal: Custom Packing Tape 

EcoEnclose renewable custom packing tape will set your shipping box apart from the crowd while staying true to your eco-conscious values.

100% recycled custom tissue paper

The Protective PackagingCustom Tissue Paper 

EcoEnclose tissue paper is 100% recycled and adds sophistication and luxury while offering a small bit of cushioning and protection. Depending on where a person lives and what their waste management provider requires, these can be curbside recycled or composted.

zero waste stickers and recycled notecards

The Personal TouchCustom Stickers and Custom Notecards 

Tell your packaging story with the smallest of shipping accessories. These make a big impact by adding a personalized flair to your unboxing experience. EcoEnclose Stickers and Notecards are 100% recycled - the most eco-friendly options on the market.

100% recycled custom product wrap

The Organizer: Custom EcoBand Product Wrap 

Secure and organize your contents with 100% recycled paper product wraps for the ultimate plastic-free experience.

Resources For Your Custom Packaging Journey

Our Resource Center is the place to start when venturing into the world of sustainable packaging. Start here with our featured articles to learn about design, inks, and storytelling via custom printing.

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