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EcoEnclose is dedicated to sustainable practices, with a mission to catalyze and support businesses to become a positive force for our planet and humanity. If you are a member of the media and would like to get in touch, please send us an email at

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The E-Comm Show

In this 50th episode of The E-Comm Show, our host and BlueTuskr CEO Andrew Maff is with Saloni, the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer at EcoEnclose, the world's most innovative provider of sustainable shipping solutions for e-commerce brands. In this day and age, branding goes beyond just the product. From the merchandise to the packaging, customers have been more critical of brands’ impact on sustainability. While it is often a debate between value and profits, here is Saloni to share what you really need to consider when making the switch.

Triple Bottom Line

Saloni Doshi, CEO and Chief Sustainability Geek of EcoEnclose — a company focused on sustainable and regenerative packaging. They go way beyond just simple recycled cardboard. Saloni has a rich background in all things sustainable and equitable. Listen in as she shares insider knowledge of the packaging industry and explains ways your company, large or small, can make a difference on how you package up your goods.

BioStar Renewables

Tune into this episode of RENEWables featuring Saloni Doshi, CEO and “Chief Sustainability Geek”, at EcoEnclose—the world’s most eco-friendly packaging company, to learn how to evolve your company’s sustainability packaging strategy and help save the planet.

Orlo Nutrition

Have you thought about the waste you generate as you procure your food and byproducts that turn into more waste piled up on this earth? What exactly do we mean by sustainable packaging? Here to unpack these topics is Saloni Doshi.

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EcoEnclose has recently launched a pilot program for Kraft Bag & Seals made with wheat straw and recycled content. This launch marks a pivotal step in EcoEnclose’s commitment to making next-generation paper fibers a standard offering for eco-conscious brands.


As the E-commerce sector skyrocketed, the fashion industry has adapted to meet the demands of online shoppers, who expect convenience that comes at an environmental cost. Learn what eco-friendly packaging alternatives are out there - including EcoEclose's line of sustainable packaging.


EcoEnclose and Living Ink Technologies worked together to make Algae Ink more broadly available for custom packaging, with new formulations developed for custom branded water-activated tape, custom poly mailers, and black stamping ink.


EcoEnclose has launched the ReEnclose Mailer, a reusable shipping solution for forward-thinking brands. Companies ship orders in these durable fabric ReEnclose Mailers. Customers then return the mailers back so they can be cleaned and reused for subsequent shipments.

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