The EcoAlly Experience

The EcoAlly Experience

Published May 30, 2024 • 11 minute read

EcoEnclose works with brands of all sizes, from the world's largest Fortune 500 brands to independently owned and operated boutique online storefronts.

Having served over 50,000 brands, we have seen firsthand that while our companies may vary in size, scale, industry, and aspirations, they align in a few key areas—a commitment to sustainability, ethics, and transparency; the day-to-day responsibility of balancing multiple requirements when making packaging decisions; and the need for their packaging to be high-performance, meet their operational needs, and show up on time.

The EcoAlly Experience is why brands who work with EcoEnclose don't just get eco-friendly packaging; they get an end-to-end packaging partnership dedicated to their sustainable packaging project success, enabling them to meet their complex and sometimes competing needs.

Here, we break down what it's like to work with EcoEnclose and be a part of the EcoAlly Experience. We look forward to partnering with you on your sustainable packaging journey.

Eco Solutions

The world's most sustainable packaging

Many packaging options are out there, and many claim to be eco-friendly. These days, most claim to be eco-friendly. That's because you can slap a green label on almost anything if simply eco-labeling is your goal.

Virgin cardboard box? Sure, let's call it "sustainable" because it's curbside recyclable.

Virgin poly bag? Let's label it eco-friendly because it is lightweight, has a low carbon footprint, and is thin film recyclable.

PLA bioplastic made with corn? Label it as green because it is made from a plant and is industrially compostable.

How are brands supposed to separate greenwashing from accurate claims?

Rest assured that EcoEnclose has done the sustainability research, packaging development, and vetting, so you don't have to. If we sell it, we stand behind it.

That doesn't mean our packaging is perfect! We are the first to say that no packaging (including ours) is truly "sustainable" today. All packaging has a net negative impact on the planet. However, we have carefully developed a line of packaging that aligns with our Vision for a Circular Future and meets our rigorous sustainable packaging framework. We recognize that neither paper nor plastic is perfect, and instead drive towards circularity by:

  1. Maximizing recycled content and post-consumer waste, in particular
  2. Designing for ready recyclability
  3. Building in reuse when it makes ecological sense
  4. Minimizing source materials needed
  5. Seeking virgin restorative and regenerative inputs where appropriate
  6. Prioritizing domestic supply chains to drive domestic infrastructure investments needed to achieve long-term circularity

100% Recycled Paper Mailers with 95%+ Post-Consumer Waste

Too many packaging companies are pushing paper as perfect. However, virgin paper without FSC® certification can easily be sourced from ancient and endangered forests.
By using non-FSC®-certified virgin paper, brands can inadvertently accelerate climate change and biodiversity loss.

100% recycled Poly Mailers, with 50% Post-Consumer Waste, Sourced Domestically

It is relatively easy to find recycled poly mailers produced overseas.
However, our commitment to domestic sourcing and manufacturing is critical to our mission and our focus on having “the best” packaging. This focus drives US-based investments needed to reclaim and remanufacture poly film successfully.


Match your unique brand to the right packaging

Some brands use recycled paper packaging, but many seek recycled plastic's lower carbon footprint. Others want an exceptional unboxing experience, while some prioritize the lower cost of mailing envelopes. EcoEnclose is here to help you determine your brand's ideal packaging solution.

We know sustainability is only one factor in your decision-making process. We encourage you to flesh out your other decision criteria, including:

  • Your budget
  • Your branding needs
  • Your lead time requirements
  • Your performance requirements
  • Your storage capacity and requirements
  • Your fulfillment and operational requirements
  • Your sustainability values and goals

Once these are fully clear for you and any other stakeholders, you can more effectively choose between our wide array of solutions - with confidence that they all meet our rigorous sustainability framework.


Choose Kraft Mailer Lite

Our kraft mailer lites are an ideal solution if a brand is focused on:
  • going plastic-free
  • having curbside recyclable packaging
  • seeking the minimum source material possible
  • wanting the lowest cost option possible
  • shipping very lightweight textiles
This is our thinnest paper mailer. Brands must be comfortable if the packaging shows small punctures and tears (as long as the product itself is perfect) at delivery.

Choose Poly Mailers

Our poly mailers are an ideal solution if a brand is focused on:
  • having the lowest carbon footprint
  • needing a low-cost option
  • shipping bulky textiles

Choose Custom Shipping Boxes

Our custom shipping boxes are an ideal solution if a brand is focused on:

  • delivering a unique and memorable unboxing experience
  • shipping multiple rigid goods of varied sizes each month

Quality & Delivery

Orders delivered on time and error-free

You have a business to run. You need your packaging delivered on time, and you need to be confident that you get what you ordered so you can focus your efforts on the rest of your job responsibilities.

Once your order is in, our cross-functional team will work to ensure your packaging is accurate, high-quality, and delivered on time. When you order custom-branded packaging, our highly attentive Creative Team reviews your design to identify potential print challenges before your order goes to press. Our print and production teams pridefully produce your orders, with checklists to ensure double checks at each stage. Our incredible fulfillment team packages your order with close attention to detail and gets it shipped on time.

We have published lead times, but if you need a rush at any time, please reach out. Rush options are often available on print and production orders, and quick turnaround can often be accommodated on stock orders.

We are humans at EcoEnclose. So, now and then, an issue arises with an order. In the rare circumstances this happens, our incredible customer success team works closely with you to help make it right.


Custom Mailers for Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition designed an eye-popping 7-color branded padded mailer. However, the nature of the order and its long lead time meant that Hum Nutrition would not receive their mailers in the required time.

Our team worked with Hum Nutrition on a single-color branded padded mailer in conjunction with the original order, which had a much shorter lead time.

This problem-solving ensured Hum Nutrition had branded packaging when they needed it most.


Custom Notecards for Outpatch

Outpatch regularly orders custom notecards from EcoEnclose. They had an opportunity to collaborate with a new brand and needed custom notecard samples sent to this new brand as soon as possible.
While reviewing Outpatch's custom notecard design, our team knew their light-color designs would not print the best on their desired kraft material. We worked one-on-one with Outpatch to improve the design and ensure the best quality samples were sent to their new brand.
During this redesign process, our team took the extra step to send Outpatch photos of various notecard test prints to give them a sense of the final product and rushed the final print run to have the notecards shipped to the new brand the next day.

Custom Mailers for Earth Funeral

Earth Funeral ordered seven cases of custom-branded paper mailers. The entire order was printed, but one case was damaged by water before being delivered to the customer.
We shipped the unaffected portion of their order first so the customer would have some product to use immediately, rush reprinted the last case within a week, and shipped the reprinted case separately to make the customer whole.


Guidance to navigate the sustainable packaging landscape

Sustainability and packaging are evolving rapidly.

Brands of all sizes are setting goals around carbon emissions, going plastic-free, moving to all curbside recyclable packaging, minimizing reliance on fresh water, and so much more. Brands are voluntarily and rigorously calculating their resource consumption and carbon footprint, and the world's largest brands are now being required to do so.

Legislation is emerging at a breakneck pace, including Extended Producer Responsibility, Truth in Labeling, and bans on everything from polystyrene to plastic retail bags.

What does it all mean for you? How can you keep up, especially when you have a business and no extra time to stay on top of this complex and ever-changing landscape?

We're here to help. We offer:

  • Comprehensive guides with clear takeaways for brands who want to know what packaging legislation they need to know about and respond to.
  • Third-party verification to help bring our customers verified and audited claims, including FSC® Certification, Recycled Content Standard (RCS, GRS Certification), NexTrex and How2Recycle verification of the thin film recyclability of our poly bags and poly mailers, and Canopy Pack4Good audit of our paper-based packaging to ensure minimal threat to ancient and endangered forests.
  • Sustainability Calculators and EcoReports: Use our calculators to input your packaging type and volumes and get a comprehensive report on your resource use, carbon emissions, and the savings you achieved by using 100% recycled (versus virgin) materials.
  • Bill of Materials: Brands need visibility and transparency in their supply chain. Our Bill of Materials gives you all the information you need to understand and audit the materials we bring.
  • Review your on-package labeling: If you print sustainability claims on your packaging, we'll review them closely to ensure accuracy and alignment with upcoming legislation, including the FTC Green Guides and California's SBS 343.

FSC® Certification & the First RCS100 Poly Mailer

Many packaging providers claim certification. They often put FSC® Certification on their website or include GRS 4.0 on a product page.
EcoEnclose is one of the few packaging providers that holds our certifications, so when we say something is certified, be confident it's true.
Almost all of our paper packaging is 100% recycled. As such, FSC® Certification, which exists to help brands source virgin paper thoughtfully, is not as relevant. However, given the evolving sustainable packaging landscape and the importance of third-party verification of claims, we chose to pursue FSC® Certification so brands can be confident that when we say 100% recycled paper, we mean it.
We are the first ever provider to offer a third-party certified, on-package labeled 100% recycled poly mailer.

Packaging Legislation & Compliance


Sustainability Claims

Our Creative Team worked hand-in-hand with Zero Waste Cartel to ensure the sustainability claims on their branded padded mailers were 100% accurate.
Their original artwork stated, "Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials [...]." We adjusted this to state "100% recycled paper" to account for the adhesive and plastic in the pull tab on the mailer.
While the mailer itself did not change material, we recommend being very clear about what parts of the mailer are considered 100% recycled for full transparency.


Cutting-edge solutions to keep you ahead

EcoEnclose is on a mission to transition our nation to truly sustainable packaging. We envision a future in which all packaging is circular - meaning that packaging is made from packaging and becomes packaging in its next life. The base materials that feed into our packaging are regenerative to the planet.

We know we are far from this vision today. So, we are constantly making steps forward towards this end goal by increasing the recycled content, reusability, and recyclability of our packaging and looking to identify the most promising regenerative materials so we can bring them to our cutting-edge brands.

Our EcoAllies become the first to adopt innovations that will change the future of packaging. This helps us collectively achieve our mission, bolster our brands' commitment to sustainability, and stand out among their competitors.


Algae Ink™

Carbon-negative, black printing ink whose pigment is made with algae cells. Our EcoAlly community brought this innovation to life by taking a chance on this ink during research and development. This allowed us to test, improve formulations, and launch for paper packaging and poly mailers.

ReEnclose Reusable Mailers

Durable mailer designed for reuse. Customers receive orders in these mailers and ship them back to be used again...and again. Our EcoAlly community brought this innovation to life by asking if reusable materials can be used for eCommerce packaging.

Poly Take-Back Program

A thin-film circularity program. Designed for retailers looking to recycle poly film. Our EcoAlly community brought this innovation to life by committing to ways to run their retail stores more sustainably.

Sway Seaweed Film

Retail boxes and folding cartons with windows made from regenerative seaweed film designed by Sway. Our EcoAlly community brought this innovation to life by pushing us for more regenerative packaging solutions.

Looking for Guidance?

We'd love to help you find the right shipping solution for your business.