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Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Mailers

Why Do We Offer Three Different Paper Mailers?

Read on to learn how they compare and see if one is the right shipping solution for your business.

EcoX Mailer: These flat mailers are great for shipping soft goods - apparel, textiles, and other flat accessories. They are made with 100% recycled 11pt paper. They are also surprisingly water resistant, so they are a great alternative to the poly mailer.

Padded Mailers: These cushioned mailers are great for cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, essential oils and other goods that need a little protection. They are constructed in such a unique way! Each side of the mailer is made with two sheets of recycled Kraft paper that sandwich shreds of recycled newspaper. This padding gives it structure and provides a layer of protection for whatever you are shipping.

Rigid Mailers: These rigid mailers are designed to stay flat and unbent in transit and are a great solution for shipping prints, photos and other art. They are made with 100% recycled, 28pt paperboard and have a self sealing strip.  

Summary Of Attributes

New Column EcoX Mailer Padded Mailer Rigid Mailer

Eco Attributes

100% Recycled, 70% PCW, Curbside Recyclable, Naturally Biodegradable and Compostable. Constructed with Paper from FSC chain of custody certified mills.

100% Recycled, 25% PCW, Curbside Recyclable, Naturally Biodegradable and Compostable. SFI Certified. Utilizes plastic tear strip.

100% Recycled, 90% PCW, Curbside Recyclable, Naturally Biodegradable and Compostable. Constructed with Paper from FSC chain of custody certified mills.

Differentiating Qualities

Value option. Mid-tier price, unique level of water resistance.

Cushioning for added protection.

Thicker stock to avoid bending, but with self seal.

Size Options

6x9" | 9x12" | 10x13"

6x9" | 8.5x11"

6x8" | 9x11.5"

Good For ...

Apparel and textiles.

Cosmetics, vitamins, oils, tinctures, jewelry, accessories, books, and some apparel.

Art, prints and smaller / thinner accessories.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Which Box Style Is Best For My Business?

We offer three box styles for Etsy sellers. Here we describe what they are and what they are best suited for, in order of our sales volume of each:

  • Tab locking box (TL): This is the classic presentation style box used by many brand conscious e-commerce businesses. These boxes create a wonderful opening experience for the customer. The locking tabs create a clean seal for the box and gets the sealing tape on the bottom corner of the box (as compared to the across the top of an RSC).
  • Regular slotted container (RSC): Regular slotted containers are the traditional industrial box that you have seen throughout your life. Think moving boxes and Amazon boxes. Here, we're offering 6" x 6" x 6" RSC boxes, which look great and work beautifully for a variety of small to mid-sized products.
  • Full overlap box (FOL): Full overlap boxes are designed similarly to RSC boxes, but the end flaps fold over each other, for easier enclosure. This sleep box style is what you often find with courier style boxes offered by FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Additional Information On Shipping Boxes

The dimensions used to describe each offering refer to the interior dimensions of the box. The exterior dimensions are approximately 0.5" larger than the interior.

Our RSC and FOL boxes are being offered in 32B flute, meaning they are rated for shipments that are up to 32 lbs. Our TL box is offered in 23B flute, meaning they are rated for shipments up to 23 lbs. In general, given that these are smaller boxes, we typically recommend keeping your shipments in them at or under 15 lbs.

Void Fill & Cushioning

What is Void Fill?

We use the term “void fill” to refer to any cushioning, padding or paper you add to your shipping package in order to protect your goods in transit and/or create a beautiful presentation for recipients. Packing material is more than just shipping box stuffing. While void fill or box filler is largely a solution used in corrugated shipping boxes, it is also becoming more common in mailers, largely to add a little "wow" factor to the presentation.

When Do You Need Void Fill? When Can You Forgo Box Filler?

Consider the following questions.

  • Are my products fragile?
  • Are my products very heavy?
  • Do my products have corners that could be subject to damage (i.e. books, postcards)?
  • Does my package have significant excess space in it that could cause my products to move around and get bent, damaged or scuffed while the package is in transit?
  • Is it important to me and my brand that my customers receive a package that is unique and enjoyable to open?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, void fill should likely be part of your packaging strategy. Corrugated shipping boxes are the most likely shipping strategy to require void fill of some sort because (regardless of what your product is) they are the most likely to contain excess air. But there are certainly cases where void fill isn’t needed.

Mailers do not typically require void fill, though many companies look to wrap their products for the sake of presentation. If a company is packaging something like essential oils or perfumes in a mailer, they may decide to wrap their products in protective cushioning or void fill before placing those goods in the shipping mailer.

Review Of Void Fill Options

GreenWrap: An Alternative to Bubble Wrap

GreenWrap is a spectacular option when you need the molding and protection of traditional bubble wrap, but want something far more sustainable (read: made with SFI certified materials and fully recyclable and biodegradable) and beautiful. GreenWrap has two layers, a white tissue paper / liner layer and an outer layer that comes in a brown or white option. The dispenser (which is built into the box the GreenWrap ships in) is used to expand the outer layer of the GreenWrap, giving it a cushion and a unique texture and look.

Many companies wrap their products individually in GreenWrap (as you would with bubble wrap). As you can see from the below video, it's a beautiful finish. Some companies use GreenWrap more as a filler, lining their boxes with it to create a cushion or nest that they can place products in. For more detailed instructions, check out the Void Fill and Green Wrap section of our video tutorials page.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is not great for product protection or blocking and bracing; however, it is makes for beautiful presentation. It can be a strong addition if your shipper box fits your products snugly, but you want to add one layer of presentation for the recipient. Many companies actually use tissue paper to wrap their products before placing into their boxes or bags.

EcoEnclose tissue paper is made with 100% recycled material is fully recyclable and compostable. Check your local recycler's guidance on how to best dispose of tissue paper in your area.

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