Eco-Friendly Supplier Guide for E-commerce Businesses


by Saloni Doshi & Jessica Dowding  • published April 25, 2023

EcoEnclose is on a mission to make eCommerce a regenerative force for the planet. One of the most impactful ways our eCommerce business community can up their sustainability game is by making the most thoughtful decisions about what materials they source and which suppliers they work with.

To make it easier for you to bring a sustainability lens to your supplier selection process, we’ve researched the best suppliers and resources for sustainable businesses.

Why Did We Write This Guide?

The majority of eCommerce businesses have minimal direct (Scope 1 and Scope 2) emissions. Working with eco-conscious suppliers is generally their single biggest lever in reducing their negative impact (Scope 3 emissions).
But, as any business owner or leader knows, it feels impossible to find time amidst all of our competing priorities to truly evaluate the impact and values of potential supply chain partners. Because of this, most of us tend to make supplier decisions based on web searches, pricing, and customer service — without factoring in sustainability too deeply.
We hope the guide is helpful for eCommerce businesses across a variety of industries, including apparel, accessories, personal care, supplements, crafts, and more.
Do you know of any sustainability-oriented suppliers to eCommerce brands that aren’t highlighted here? Fill out this form with their information! We are eager to continuously expand this list to give eCommerce brands as many potential partners to work with as possible.

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Apparel and Jewelry Components

These suppliers make accessories like buttons, zippers, tags, and jewelry supplies. We selected these companies for their focus on quality, eco-friendly materials, and dedication to innovation.

Corozo Buttons

Corozo Buttons is an established button supplier that creates buttons for everything from suits to sweaters. They can create some non-button corozo products upon request.

Located In: Panama City, Panama

What They Offer: High-quality corozo buttons for all applications

Standout Points: Wide selection of button types and styles, 40+ years in business, attentive customer service, flexible ordering requirements

Impact: Corozo Buttons is OEKO-TEX Certified and does not use any toxic chemicals in their manufacturing. They collect corozo seeds after naturally falling to the earth without contributing to deforestation. Their company also creates over one thousand jobs for people in impoverished communities.

Tex Fasteners is an innovative global manufacturer of zippers, pullers, and metal buttons. Their quick lead times and wide selection make them a popular choice for fashion companies across the industry.

Located In: Manufacturing in Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam

What They Offer: Premium zippers, pullers, sliders, and buttons

Standout Points: Global offices in 7 countries, design-first vision, quick turnaround, 30+ years experience, rigorous quality control process, ISO 9001:2015 certified

Impact: Tex Fasteners achieved 85% water reuse and zero harmful waste into waterways in their India facility. Currently, they’re working on tracking all waste throughout their process. They have pledged 100% fair and equal wages and support education and economic achievement for women and girls.

Tex Fasteners

Intelligent Threads

AMANN Group was founded in 1894. Their branches worldwide use the same code of conduct and high environmental standards rather than relying on variable local guidelines. With an expanding line of eco-conscious threads and yarns, they are prepared to help with various applications.

Located In: Headquarters in Germany with global manufacturing and production sites

What They Offer: Sustainable sewing and embroidery threads, smart yarns, technical threads

Standout Points: Has a dedicated textile think tank for innovation, large selection, commitment to flexible and friendly localized customer service, OEKO-TEX Certified

Impact: AMMAN is a UN Global Compact member committed to creating a more sustainable, inclusive economy. They offer 100% recycled threads and a Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold Lifecycle Line. All products are free from harmful substances like PFCs and comply with the European REACH chemical regulation.

The Curious Gem supplies jewelry-making supplies to customers around the globe. They offer a range of materials and tools, as well as wholesale jewelry. Their founder holds a Foundation Certificate in Gemmology.

Located In: UK - Edinburgh, Scotland

What They Offer: High-quality jewelry-making supplies, including gemstones, precious metals, and packaging

Standout Points: Member of the UK National Association of Jewelers, small-scale and wholesale capacity, over 7000 items in product line, 15+ years of experience

Impact: The Curious Gem uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging. The owner and buyer deal directly with suppliers to ensure the most ethical production possible, and their line includes a small collection of fairmined gemstones. The company is an accredited living wage employer supporting safe work practices.

The Curious Gem

Riri Group

Riri Group is a provider of sewing and jewelry details. Founded in 1936, they are one of the most authoritative producers of high-end accessories. Their attention to detail and commitment to improvement makes them a popular supplier in Europe and around the world.

Located In: Headquarters in Switzerland, manufacturing in Switzerland and Italy

What They Offer: Style details including zippers, buttons, metal components, and fashion jewels

Standout Points: 85+ years in business, supplier for leading luxury brands, high customization capabilities, dedicated R&D centers for fashion development, OEKO-TEX, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 9001 Certified

Impact: Riri Group’s line of sustainable products prioritizes natural materials and sustainable treatments. They strive to achieve sustainable initiatives, including safer waste management, more efficient water and energy use, and employee education.

Wunderlabel is a tag and label provider on a mission to help apparel brands stand out and do good. With over 350,000 customers served, their streamlined process helps companies simplify branding.

Located In: Headquarters in Germany, owned factory in Vietnam, a distribution center in US

What They Offer: Customized apparel labels, printed clothing labels, size labels, woven labels, laundry labels, hang tags, ribbons, stickers, and cards

Standout Points: Low minimum order requirements, quick fulfillment, affordable prices, OEKO-TEX 100 Certified

Impact: Wunderlabel’s woven labels are all made from at least 90% PCW recycled content. With three distribution hubs and combined shipments, they reduce transportation pollution. The brand strives to use responsible packaging. They work to create a safe working environment in their Vietnam factory and pay all employees above the local minimum wage.


Sustainable Fabric Suppliers and Wholesalers

Globally, the textile and clothing industries are home to some of the most widespread ethical challenges and sustainability issues.

As brands work to navigate these challenges, they must first consider their material selection, focusing on selecting sustainable fabrics that are produced ethically and thoughtfully. Then, they want to consider which companies are producing and/or selling their fabrics to ensure these suppliers are transparent and values-aligned.

We found several sustainability-minded fabric suppliers that make ethical sourcing a priority. With artisan designs and custom printing, you will surely find something that catches your eye.

A Thrifty Notion

A Thrifty Notion is a secondhand and deadstock fabric warehouse for thoughtful makers. They offer limited collections of fabric that are regularly updated.

Located In: Kansas, USA

What They Offer: Secondhand fabrics at a discounted rate

Standout Points: Affordable prices, value-based mission, rapidly shifting inventory of unique fabrics

Impact: A Thrifty Notion seeks to reduce waste by selling secondhand materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. They strive to amplify marginalized voices and donate 5% of their profits to a different non-profit each quarter.

Pickering International is an established source of eco-conscious and sustainable fabric with over 30 years in business. They prioritize high-quality, earth-friendly materials.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Earth-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, silk, linen, lace, and bamboo and soy blends with a general MOQ of 10 yards per fabric

Standout Points: Green America Member, 100% eco-friendly range, swatches available

Impact: Pickering International strives to choose natural, sustainable products that are ethically produced.

Pickering International


Lebenskleidung believes in “more than fabrics.” They provide beautiful earth-friendly fabrics and design two new collections each year.

Located In: Germany

What They Offer: Primarily organic cotton, but also other eco-friendly fabrics and blends such as wool and Tencel™

Standout Points: One-meter minimum, a large selection of eco-friendly fabrics, rigorous quality control

Impact: Lebenskleidung belongs to many sustainably-minded organizations and prioritizes the environment in their entire value chain. They are constantly working to make good choices for people and the planet.

Offset Warehouse is a supplier of lovely ethical and sustainable fabrics. They handle both small and large orders and support a wide range of project types.

Located In: United Kingdom

What They Offer: Eco-friendly fabrics for sewing and upholstery, haberdashery supplies

Standout Points: One-meter minimum, swatches available, worldwide delivery, wholesale discounts, large selection

Impact: Offset Warehouse sources all their fabrics carefully to ensure they are ethically produced, high quality, and good for the planet. They provide transparent sourcing information to customers.

Offset Warehouse

Little Cocalico

Little Cocalico is a family-owned business offering custom-printed fabric in many styles. They serve every customer, from hobbyists to small businesses to wholesalers.

Located In: Pennsylvania, USA

What They Offer: Custom-printed artisan fabric for sewing, design, and boutique industries

Standout Points: Quick turnaround times, high quality, high customization

Impact: Little Cocalico emphasizes ethical sourcing for its fabrics. They use safe, eco-friendly methods for printing and seek to support their community and other entrepreneurs.

Huston Textile is an artisan textile mill crafting limited-edition goods and services using premium natural fibers and fabrics.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Natural fabrics, custom fabrics, and yarns, finished products, market research

Standout Points: Veteran owned & operated, excellent customer support, high-quality materials, a wide range of project capabilities

Impact: Huston Textile roots its work in ecosystem resilience, biodiversity, and climate-focused solutions. They use domestically sourced natural and regenerative materials and partner with other eco-friendly specialists.

Huston Textile

Mehera Shaw

Mehera Shaw is an artisan and handcrafted fabric supplier that seeks to be a force for good in the garment industry. They work directly with artisans and empower local communities.

Located In: Jaipur, India

What They Offer: Handmade artisan fabrics sourced directly from makers, including handloom cotton, linen, certified organic cotton, and upcycled textiles

Standout Points: Artisan fabrics, unique traditional designs, 95% GOTS organic cotton use, largely spun and loomed by hand

Impact: Mehera Shaw adheres to high standards of ethical labor and production and environmental practices. They use low-impact fabrics, safe dyes, and water-saving systems.

Eco-Conscious Clothing Manufacturers and Cut & Sew Operations

The above sections outlined options for eco-conscious fabric suppliers and components.

However, most fashion brands work directly with apparel manufacturers or wholesalers and rely on these factories to (1) source fabrics ethically and thoughtfully and (2) pay their workers fairly, treat them with dignity, and invest in their local communities.

Unfortunately, the fast fashion industry relies heavily on paying and treating workers very poorly. A decade ago, two tragedies brought this into the public sphere. In November 2012, a fire broke out at Tazreen Fashions Garment Factory in Bangladesh, killing 112 workers because exits were locked, trapping workers inside.

A few months later, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, which housed five garment factories, collapsed, killing at least 1,132 people. Despite the public attention given to these issues after these two tragedies, many factories continue to employ workers in substandard conditions, exposed to harmful chemicals, and emotional and physical abuse.

This section highlights a handful of clothing manufacturers with specific commitments to ethical standards and transparency.

Maker’s Row is not a manufacturer! They are an online directory focused on connecting brands with America’s top manufacturers to help to launch and grow your business while building the manufacturing industry in America.

Located In: Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, with a supplier network located across the United States

What They Offer: Paying members can search for US-based factories whose capabilities match their needs and have access to several high-touch support services to help make their project a reality.

Standout Points: Fully focused on USA manufacturing

Impact: Two-fold mission focused on (1) building and restoring faith in domestic manufacturing and (2) supporting the success of entrepreneurs, designers, and small businesses.

Brands outside the US should consider Kompass as a European alternative search directory. Additionally, brands worldwide that are not necessarily focused on US-based manufacturing but are looking for transparency and traceability across the supply chain should check out Four Source.

Directories and Supplier Networks:
Maker’s Row, Kompass, and Four Source

Good Clothing Company

Good Clothing Company uses environmentally sustainable production practices and pays their workers fairly for their skilled labor to serve as a production partner to emerging designers and eco-fashion pioneers.

Located In: Corporate offices and manufacturing are based in Massachusetts, USA

Standout Points: Develops and produces all of the apparel for a women's contemporary clothing brand Good Apparel, which utilizes locally sourced and sustainable materials, pays US-based seamstresses fair wages, and is committed to small batch production to avoid the excessive waste of traditional fast fashion brands.

Can work with brands of all sizes, ranging from entrepreneurs to large brands.

Impact: Commitment to onshoring and bringing apparel manufacturing back to the US

Bryden Apparel was started ten years ago to support independent fashion brands, large companies, and eCommerce retailers with their sourcing and garment production requirements. They support the entire supply chain process: design & development, fabric sourcing, samples, bulk apparel production, quality control assessments, and arranging product delivery.

Located In: Singapore, with production partners across Asia

Standout Points: Partner factories are personally audited to protect against child and forced labor and to ensure safe, clean working conditions. They work with fabric mills that are GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX 100 certified, use organic manufacturing practices, and test their products to ensure safety for human use

Impact: Highly focused on helping impact-oriented entrepreneurs achieve their vision.

Bryden Apparel

Billoomi Fashion

Billoomi Fashion is a woman-owned, family-run, full-service garment manufacturing factory headquartered in India that can turn concepts (tech packs) into reality. They can work with brands of all sizes and tackle all parts of the development and production process - design process, pattern making, pattern grading, fabric sourcing and trims, custom label and tag development, sampling, embroidery (computer and hand), printing (discharge, pigment, screen, digital, block printing, etc.), smocking, sequins, and beads work, sublimation, bringing washing effects on denim, etc.

Located In: Headquartered in Delhi, India, and all manufacturing is in India

Standout Points: Billoomi Fashion is woman-owned, focused heavily on ethical labor conditions and fair wages, and works with fabric mills that are GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified, which have been tested to be safe for human use. Four of their six core values are focused on an ethical and sustainable supply chain. They are a SEDEX member and get their factory audited by national and international agencies.

Impact: Ethics - fair wages, child and forced labor prevention, and transparency - are core to how Billoomi differentiates itself.

Create Fashion Brand is a network of clothing manufacturers based in Northern Portugal focusing on casual and streetwear for men and women. They aim to create ethical motion in the clothing industry, focusing on organic and recycled fabrics and have become a great zero-waste manufacturing partner for various luxury brands.

Located In: Portugal, with all manufacturing in Northern Portugal

Standout Points: CFB uses organic fabrics, GOTS-certified cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and ocean-bound plastics. They are ISO 45001 certified and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. Various lines are organic and recycled content certified. 55% of the electricity used by our factories comes from a green source, Solar Energy, and photovoltaic panels, and 100% of their industrial waste is recycled.

Impact: Using recycled garments, CFB companies saved 26.5 million m³ of water in 2020 by using recycled cotton, which saved 40.499 tons of CO2 emissions and 99.470 MWh of energy.

Create Fashion Brand

S&F Garment Manufacturing

S&F is a garment factory based in Bali, Indonesia. The company works with fashion designers and labels to produce various apparel - from children’s clothing to streetwear to resort wear.

Located In: S&F is Australian-owned, with manufacturing in Bali, Indonesia

Standout Points: Their website showcases a firm commitment to Balinese culture and the communities in which their factory workers reside. They adjust production schedules and shut down as needed during extended observed holidays. S&F has a certificate from the Department of Social Welfare and Labor in Denpasar, specifying that the factory has established a safe and legal work environment.

Impact: S&F is accredited by the Environment Agency in Denpasar, Bali, for compliance with environmental standards. They offer various fabrics, including GOTS-certified cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, Tencel, Lyocell, model, recycled nylon, and more.

Peru Fashions produces garments for brands worldwide, with a vertically integrated operation (from knitting to finished product) based in Peru. They can produce 300,000 garments per month.

Located In: Lima, Peru. All steps in the manufacturing process occur within the company.

Standout Points: Peru Fashions utilizes a lot of cotton and primarily sources fibers grown in Peru. This Pima cotton has a long fiber and is considered high quality and clean, and has raised minimal concern related to forced labor. This fiber can be blended with other materials. Peru Fashions has commitments to have no child labor, no forced labor, and no discrimination.

Impact: Perue Fasis BASC and WRAP certified.

Peru Fashions


Dewhirst utilizes a global network of manufacturers to manage projects from design to development to production, with a commitment to high ethical and environmental standards. They have diverse capabilities, from formalwear to casual wear, womenswear to menswear, kids' apparel, and more.

Located In: HQ in the United Kingdom with manufacturing and sourcing in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam

Standout Points: Heavy emphasis on ethical labor practices and sustainability. Has achieved WRAP/CT PAT certification (in Indonesia) and WRAP/CT PAT/ ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO26000 certification (in Bangladesh). Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabric standards can be achieved through their accredited partner mills. They have a clear statement about Conflict Minerals and The Modern Slavery Act and commit to a range of carbon-friendly initiatives, such as rainwater harvesting, high-efficiency lighting, and evaporative cooling units.

Impact: As one indicator of their ethical commitments, Dewhirst provides free healthcare services to their workers, such as gynecological care, eye examples, and dental care.

Indie Source is an apparel manufacturer and fashion consultancy designed to support fashion entrepreneurs and is committed to redefining how clothing is developed, produced, and distributed in the United States.

Located In: Los Angeles, California, USA

Standout Points: Indie Source is a full-service cut-and-sew shop with MOQs of just 300. But they offer much more than that, with comprehensive programming to support the end-to-end success of fashion entrepreneurs, such as website development, lookbook/catalog creation services, and various marketing-related services to support fashion brands.

Impact: Indie Source does not seem to have a specific focus on sustainability.

Indie Source

Bomme Studio

BOMME STUDIO is a full-package development house and clothing manufacturer offering a full range of services in product development, apparel production and digital marketing. They have a passion for making clothing and helping fashion designers find their voice. Their mission is to create apparel for a community of conscious people interested in a sustainable and ethical future.
Located In: HQ in Los Angeles, California. Owned and operated production sites in California and Mexico. Additional sourcing office in South Korea which provides access to Vietnam, China & South Korea.
Standout Points: BOMME STUDIO promotes sustainability throughout all their work, starting by creating a livable wage for all of their employees. They work with local domestic material leaders in Los Angeles to develop apparel with the lowest possible carbon footprint. They also have experience with recycled and up-cycled programs, and have goals to recycle their waste and reduce waste byproducts during their production process. Additionally, they donate 1% of all digital sales to carbon offset programs worldwide to help combat climate change.
Impact: BOMME STUDIO is committed to ethical labor and sustainable business practices within the garment industry. They co-sponsored, championed and passed California legislation SB62 to end to end piece-rate labor for garment workers and create upstream corporate responsibility within the supply chain.

Wholesalers, Importers, and Marketplaces

These companies and marketplaces can help connect you with wholesalers, suppliers, and importers who sell your needed products.

However, some wholesalers may use questionable sourcing practices. We’ve noted a few recommendations and suggestions below.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is a platform that allows you to search for quality suppliers that meet your needs.

Located In: Offices in Canada, the USA, and China

What They Offer: A large database of suppliers with detailed information about offerings and prices

Standout Points: Ability to compare sellers and quotes, check sellers’ credentials, and match products to factories

Impact: Since Jungle Scout offers more information about each supplier, finding a company that aligns with your needs and values can be easier.

Quality Trade is a B2B marketplace. It is a similar site to Alibaba, but Quality Trade only sources from ISO Certified Suppliers.

Located In: China

What They Offer: Wholesale products from ISO Certified Suppliers

Standout Points: Higher quality control, stricter partnership guidelines, a large selection of products

Impact: Quality Trade provides more information than Alibaba about its suppliers. However, if you are uncertain about the ethics or sustainability of a particular product or supplier, we recommend doing some digging to learn more.

Quality Trade


Faire is an online wholesale marketplace with over 85,000 vendors. They empower entrepreneurs around the world and help them connect with customers.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Wholesale products from independent sellers in many categories, including food and drink, beauty, pets, kids, and more

Standout Points: Simple user interface, huge selection of products, reasonable prices

Impact: Faire works to help small business owners succeed and grow their communities. They make it easy for customers to shop by value, including eco-friendly or fair trade.

Jungle Culture is a wholesale supplier and distributor for plastic-free products. They source exclusively from independent crafters, farms, and small ethical factories worldwide.

Located In: Norfolk, England

What They Offer: Wholesale sustainable products, including bowls, razors, straws, candles, and more

Standout Points: No minimum order quantities, ethical supply chain, large product selection, established relationships with suppliers

Impact: Jungle Culture only works with suppliers that put the planet first. They are a 1% for the Planet member and strive to raise awareness about the need for sustainable shopping.

Jungle Culture


Alibaba is a popular manufacturer, supplier, exporter, importer, and wholesaler of many products. Due to ethical and sustainability concerns, we do not generally recommend them.

Located In: China

What They Offer: Wholesale suppliers, exports, imports, and contacts with Asia-based companies

Standout Points: Huge selection of products, generally low prices, Alipay platform

Impact: Alibaba’s sourcing is not always transparent, making it challenging to know if items are produced sustainably or ethically. It can be difficult to find information about specific suppliers. If you have questions about a particular supplier or product, you can do your research to see if it aligns with your company’s values.

Eco-Minded Copackers for Different Food Products

A good copacker can help you take your product to the next level and make a stellar impression with your customers. These copackers each specialize in a different type of product. Most of them place sustainability as a top priority and work to help their partners create the best product possible with the lowest environmental footprint.

Joe’s Garage Coffee is a premium private-label coffee manufacturer, copacker, and coffee data expert. They can work with partners ranging from small startups to large national brands and work to help each client find the perfect solution to grow their coffee business.

Located In: Washington State, USA

What They Offer: Private-label coffee and coffee products, co-packing, contract manufacturing, roast to-order, toll roasting, and laboratory services

Standout Points: Low minimum requirements, short lead times, rigorous quality control, a wide range of options, USDA Organic, Kosher Certified, FDA Registered, Fair Trade options, BBB A+ Rating

Impact: Joe’s Garage Coffee manages its process in a state-of-the-art facility. Handling everything in-house lets them reduce waste from packaging and transportation. They offer some compostable and recyclable solutions for packaging, cups, and pods.

Joe’s Garage Coffee

Bake Works

Bake Works is a family-run food manufacturing facility specializing in responsibly produced baked goods. They focus on choosing high-quality producers to source their ingredients and use cutting-edge technology to create premium results for their customers.

Located In: Washington State, USA

What They Offer: Contract manufacturing, private label, and co-packing services for baked goods, including food bars, cookies, and more

Standout Points: 23+ years in business, extensive industry connections, large-scale capacity, 81 successful product lines launched, Gluten-Free, Kosher, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Certifications

Impact: Bake Works prides itself on staying in close contact with its suppliers and producers to ensure they get the highest quality products made in the most sustainable way possible. They encourage people to learn where their food comes from and consider the larger impact.

Sun Leaf Foods is an experienced co-packer specializing in high-quality frozen plant-based foods. Founded by C.H. Belt in the early 20th century, the company is still family-run and focuses on being a good community and providing its clients with outstanding service.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Co-packing and ingredient supply for plant-based foods

Standout Points: Family-owned and managed, connections to global distribution companies and supply chain partners, excellent cold chain management, USDA, American Frozen Food Institute, and FDA Registered

Impact: Sun Leaf Foods uses a responsible global sourcing program to find foods when they are at their peak for harvesting. And their partnerships with organizations like the Los Angeles Mission help them “find a home for all products that are shared with [them].”

Sun Leaf Foods

Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a co-packer and private-label manufacturer of ice cream and other frozen products. They have partners with major brands such as Whole Foods, Sysco, and Safeway to help distribute their products.

Located In: Washington State, USA

What They Offer: Co-packing, private label manufacturing, R&D, and consulting services for ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, and more

Standout Points: 25+ years in business, locally and independently owned, small minimum orders for new brands, prioritize caring for customers, employees, community, and the environment, USDA Organic Certified, Dairy-Free, Keto, and Paleo Options

Impact: Snoqualmie Ice Cream does everything with the planet in mind. They designed their plant to eliminate runoff and conserve water. They also use solar panels, compressor waste heat recovery, LED sensor lighting, and energy-efficient equipment to reduce energy use.

Southeast is a beverage co-packer that handles projects from startups to established brands. They have a wide range of capabilities and offer their customers a personalized, no-hassle experience.

Located In: Florida, USA

What They Offer: Co-packing, manufacturing, and turnkey solutions for beverages like sports drinks, juice, teas, and liquid dietary supplements

Standout Points: Excellent customer service, a wide range of support levels, flexible and adaptable, Organic and Kosher Certified, cGMP Certified

Impact: While sustainability isn’t one of their core business focuses, Southeast Bottling offers glass options and plastic and will work with brands to reduce their carbon footprint.

Southeast Bottling & Beverage

Pure Bliss Organics

Pure Bliss Organics is a manufacturer and co-packer of organic snack foods like bars and granola. Founded in 2005, the company bases its values on yogic principles and raises awareness about the benefits of choosing natural foods.

Located In: Georgia, USA

What They Offer: Select co-packing services for organic whole food bars, bites, and granola

Standout Points: Premium ingredients, GMP-certified with HACCP Protocol, accommodations for special dietary requirements, can take runs as low as 2,500, USDA Organic and Non-GMO

Impact: Pure Bliss focuses on organic, minimally-processed foods. As advocates for a plant-based diet, their products don’t contain animal-sourced ingredients. The company also gives back through its partnership with Food For Life Global to increase access to cruelty-free meals.

Discover Fresh Foods is a leading co-packing service for ready-to-eat foods. They offer support through the full process and strive to help their customers grow. The company has a proven track record of taking brands from startup to national success.

Located In: South Carolina, USA

What They Offer: Co-packing, private label, marketing, distribution, and more for ready-to-eat and fresh-baked goods

Standout Points: Key industry relationships, authentic recipe replication, SQF certification for scalability, innovative processes, diverse team of partners

Impact: Discover Fresh Foods prioritizes being a good community member with their vision of “Serve, Connect, Make a Difference.” They encourage employees to stay involved and serve.

Discover Fresh Foods

Daily Manufacturing

Daily Manufacturing is an experienced manufacturing company for the health and wellness, personal care, and cosmetics industries. Their in-house R&D team continually develops new formulations and concepts, and they enjoy working with various clients.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Contract manufacturing, co-packing, and private label services for personal care products like cosmetics and health and wellness items

Standout Points: 20+ years experienced, fast turnaround time, full-service support options, open to any size client, GMP and ISO 9001:2015 compliant

Impact: Sustainability isn’t the company’s main focus. However, since Daily Manufacturing handles all aspects of the process in-house, they can reduce transportation pollution and packaging waste from shipping between locations.

Fresca Foods is a co-manufacturing and innovation partner in the natural and organic food space. They support small and large projects and have experience working with category-leading brands.

Located In: Louisville, CO

What They Offer: Co-manufacturing and co-packing services for natural and organic foods like cereal, granola, nut butter, and more. They also offer innovation and product development support.

Standout Points: Wide variety of product capabilities, SQF certified, FSMA compliant facilities, follow GMP, can support special certifications and claims like GF, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, Kosher, Vegan, Paleo, Grain-Free, and Soy-Free

Impact: Fresca Foods works to help natural or climate-conscious food brands grow. They care for employees with exceptional benefits. The brand also received a 2018 Climate Collaborative Committed Company Award.

Fresca Foods

eCommerce Platforms with a Sustainability Lens

Choosing an eCommerce platform can feel daunting and quickly lead you down a rabbit hole of research. So we’ve selected five of the top platforms for you.

Each of these five platforms has a multitude of positive customer reviews. And each has its own unique benefits. Check out our summaries to help you decide the best place to build your shop.

WooCommerce [WordPress]

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to turn a site into an online store. It’s customizable but has a steep learning curve. Users must purchase a domain, SSL certificate, and web hosting separately.

Located In: California, USA

Best For: Sellers who want a customizable, versatile platform and have experience coding or building WordPress sites

What They Offer: Online store integration for WordPress, multiple payment options, high-level integrations, free and premium themes through WordPress

Standout Points: Free to use, many extensions available, highly customizable, free to use, able to sell products & services, accept bookings, and set up recurring payments

Impact: While WordPress and WooCommerce do not have any notable sustainability measures, they offer advice and integrations for sellers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

BigCommerce is a feature-rich eCommerce platform with many built-in tools. Their higher costs and expensive themes make them better for larger, growing businesses.

Located In: Texas, USA

Best For: Online sellers who are trying to increase sales and leads through more comprehensive built-in marketing tools

What They Offer: eCommerce platform, website building, marketing, and sales tools

Standout Points: Free 15-day trial, many built-in tools, user-friendly page builder, no transaction fee

Impact: Unfortunately, BigCommerce has lower-than-average ratings for sustainability compared to some of their peers. However, they offer resources and information to help sellers create a more sustainable business.



Shopify is a comprehensive online selling platform that allows customers to build a store and sell their products. They also offer a host of apps and integrations.

Located In: Ottawa, Canada

Best For: Anyone, but especially omnichannel sellers, dropshippers

What They Offer: Online store platform, integrations with other email or marketing software, POS functionality

Standout Points: Free 14-day trial, comprehensive onboarding process, multiple after-payment options, omnichannel selling, user-friendly interface

Impact: Shopify’s Sustainability Fund contributes $5 million annually to help support entrepreneurs who are fighting the climate crisis. They also offset the shipping for all orders placed through Shop Pay and provide a Planet app to remove other shipping emissions.

Weebly is a simple, affordable online selling platform with a range of core features for small businesses.

Located In: California, USA

Best For: Small businesses that are just getting started and need a budget-friendly, simple way to build their online store

What They Offer: Website building, online store, comprehensive selling features

Standout Points: Inexpensive professional plan, unlimited storage and items, free domain name and SSL certificate

Impact: Weebly’s parent company, Square, is working to improve responsibility in four key areas: climate action, social impact, employees and culture, and corporate government. They plan to be net carbon zero for operations by 2030.



Squarespace is a popular website building and hosting service that also offers a beginner-friendly eCommerce platform.

Located In: New York, USA

Best For: Sellers with no web design or coding experience, early to established brands, sellers who don’t need multichannel

What They Offer: Web hosting, drag-and-drop website builder, eCommerce plan

Standout Points: Affordable plans with extensive features, no transaction fees, free premium templates, free domain name and SSL certificate

Impact: Squarespace is increasingly focused on ESG strategy. They are working to reduce their impact and improve efficiency in their use of resources to be more eco-conscious.

Marketing, SEO, and PPC Agencies for Sustainable Brands

Once you have your shop and product lineup, promoting it to new and existing customers is one of your next hurdles. There are countless marketing agencies out there. We’ve curated a list of companies working with sustainable, conscious, and value-based brands. Due to their focus on sustainability, these agencies are more likely to be able to understand your vision and help you create a greater positive impact.

Common Good is an advertising, design, and branding agency working with brands seeking to improve the world. They have over 50 years of experience championing brands that promote a healthier, happier future.

Located In: Massachusetts, USA

What They Offer: Strategy, positioning, experience design, advertising, content, social marketing, and more

Standout Points: Agile systematic approach, success with popular name brands, a wide range of services

Impact: Common Good chooses only to work with brands that do good for people and the planet. They help their clients integrate sustainability and have a greater impact.

Common Good


Algofy is a full-service digital marketing and branding agency. They focus on a creative, data-driven approach to helping their clients grow.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: SEO, social ads, email marketing, analytics, CRO, creative and web design, branding, and content marketing

Standout Points: One-stop-shop, proprietary tools, large portfolio of successful brands, a team of industry experts

Impact: Algofy does not work exclusively with sustainable brands. However, they include sustainability as one of their target niches and have the resources to support brands with climate-conscious missions. is a sustainable communications agency offering planet-friendly marketing and digital communications strategy. They strive for an authentic, down-to-earth culture and an individualized customer experience.

Located In: Barcelona, Spain

What They Offer: Content, email, and SEO marketing, ad and PPC management, design and sustainable branding

Standout Points: Focus on continual improvement and innovation, future-proofing businesses without compromising the planet, welcome diverse partners

Impact: follows sustainable best practices in all aspects of their business and encourages their team members to do the same at home. They work only with brands that have genuine sustainable credentials.


Akepa is a digital marketing agency for sustainable and ethical brands. They help forward-thinking businesses achieve their goals, grow, and do good.

Located In: Barcelona, Spain

What They Offer: Branding and design, inbound marketing, paid search and ads, planning and data, marketing localization services, and more

Standout Points: Wide range of services, customer-centric, diverse remote team, long-term approach

Impact: Akepa is certified climate neutral, contributes to ocean cleanup efforts, and strives to give its team members excellent working conditions.

Four13 is an agency focusing on eCommerce implementation, integration, and optimization. They are a high-touch and incredibly customer service-focused agency.

Located In: USA, with developers based in the Philippines

What They Offer: E-commerce solutions, with a particular focus on Shopify and BigCommerce

Standout Points: In full transparency, EcoEnclose works with Four13, and we have found them to be committed to high-quality work and their team's well-being.

Impact: Four13 is committed to investing in team members in the Philippines because cultivating Filipino careers will transform generational wealth in those families and their communities.


Orange Bird Agency

Orange Bird Agency is a full-service sustainability marketing agency that works with clean tech, climate tech, fashion, and circular businesses.

Located In: Netherlands

What They Offer: SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, branding, PR, and media

Standout Points: Dedicated to sustainable brands, complete range of marketing services, free 2 hour consultation available

Impact: Orange Bird Agency works with climate-conscious brands, helping them find their target audiences and make an impact. They also work to raise awareness about current sustainability issues.

Eco-Focused Product Packaging Providers

Once your product is produced thoughtfully, you’ll want to present it in high-quality packaging that matches your values. Here we share a list of various packaging providers that can support everything from standup pouches to bottles to shipping solutions.


EcoEnclose is an innovative packaging company dedicated to circularity and sustainability. Our community of EcoAllies includes thousands of earth-conscious brands that are changing eCommerce for the better. We strive to provide a top-notch customer experience and have a library of helpful eco and business learning content.

Located In: Colorado, USA, with manufacturing across the United States. In some instances, manufacturing happens overseas to produce packaging as close to where it will be used.

What They Offer: Sustainable packaging and shipping supplies, support to help brands find the best packaging for their needs, and packaging design guidance. Packaging solutions include shipping boxes, poly mailers, paper mailers, void fill, standup pouches, stickers and labels, tissue paper, retail folding cartons, paper bags, reusable packaging, and more.

Standout Points: Low- and high-volume order options, high levels of customer support, easy customization, large range of products, competitive lead times

Impact: EcoEnclose carefully researches issues and chooses its packaging solutions according to science and data, not popular trends. They’ve spearheaded some of the biggest leaps in sustainable shipping like algae printing ink and 100% recycled poly mailers. In 2022, their sustainable packaging saved 15,000 tons of emissions, 12,000 acres of forest, and 21 million gallons of water.

Tree Hugger Containers is a sustainable packaging company that offers customizable glass jars and bottles for eCommerce brands. They also provide child-resistant caps in partnership with Sana Packaging (see below).

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Sustainable packaging for cannabis and other industries; options include clear and amber glass jars and tincture bottles made with recycled glass.

Standout Points: Customizable packaging options like powder coating and label printing, competitive rates, samples available

Impact: Tree Hugger Containers prioritizes working with sustainable brands actively working to care for the environment. They choose earth-friendly materials like recycled glass and recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Tree Hugger Containers

Sana Packaging

Sana Packaging is a packaging partner for the cannabis industry. They offer full-service packaging and have a team of dedicated experts with niche knowledge to help their customers grow. 

Located In: Colorado, USA

What They Offer: Differentiated, sustainable, compliant packaging for the cannabis industry, material sourcing, labeling, and printing

Standout Points: Made in the USA, fully compliant with cannabis packaging regulations, high customer support levels, end-to-end support

Impact: Sana Packaging chooses sustainable materials and works to foster a circular economy. They have helped reclaim over 275 tons of ocean-bound plastic, used over 90 tons of hemp plastic, and saved over 1.5 million kilowatt hours of energy.

Earthwise Packaging is a carbon-neutral packaging company that uses proprietary plant-based materials to create lower-impact containers.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Plant-based bottles, jars, boxes, and other containers

Standout Points: Large product inventory, affordable prices, owned and operated by a locally-based team

Impact: Earthwise Packaging’s sugarcane blend is a near-carbon-neutral material and a more environmentally friendly option than fossil fuel plastics. They help customers find the best sustainable packaging solution that fits their needs.

Earthwise Packaging

Unique Distinction Inc

Unique Distinctions Inc is a packaging solution company that offers tailored designs for personal care and wellness products. They create an end-to-end experience that helps their clients’ products stand out and make a memorable first impression.

Located In: Ontario, Canada

What They Offer: Product packaging and design for products in the personal care and wellness industry, such as lotion, shampoo, and creams

Standout Points: Over 20 years of experience, positive reviews from customers, highly customized experience, a wide range of product packaging options

Impact: Unique Distinctions offers many sustainable and eco-conscious packaging options. They also have a tree–planting program that allows clients’ customers to plant trees with their purchase.

Berlin Packaging is an experienced packaging company with various solutions for brands of all sizes. They help customers design an optimized packaging strategy for sales, profit, and efficiency.

Located In: Illinois, USA

What They Offer: A large selection of bottles, jars, cans, tubes, tins, and more

Standout Points: Proven track record of success, ISO certification, quick lead times, streamlined inventory management

Impact: Berlin Packaging is not a sustainability-first company. However, they offer sustainable packaging options like glass, metal, and recycled materials.

Berlin Packaging

Trivium Packaging

Trivium Packaging is a packaging company that specializes in renewable, circular metal packaging. They help their customers stand out with unique, sustainable packaging.

Located In: New York, USA

What They Offer: Metal packagings such as jars, cans, bottles, and tins, design and business consulting services

Standout Points: Unique product designs, 100% circular materials, expert team to help throughout the process

Impact: Trivium Packaging champions circular packaging and circular thinking. They choose only sustainable materials for their products and work to create social good through their business.

LimeLoop is a reusable packaging service that combines sustainability with smart technology to help its clients reduce waste. Their reusable packaging can be sent, returned, and reused repeatedly.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Reusable packaging, smart tracking, and logistics technology platform

Standout Points: Convenient process, dedicated customer success specialists, impact tracking services, affordable price points

Impact: LimeLoop offers a lower-impact approach to packaging. For every 150 shipments, their customers save 13 thousand gallons of water, 1 tree, and 3 gallons of oil.


Eco-Conscious Software for Your E-commerce Business

Another area with an overwhelming number of options is small business software. Of course, your business will have unique needs and circumstances, so you always have the final say on what software you choose to use. However, we’ve heard positive first-hand feedback about each of these options — so take a look to see if they’re a good fit for you.

Design: Canva

Canva is a robust online design platform with free and paid plans. Users can create images, videos, documents, and more. 

Located In: Sydney, Australia

What They Offer: Design software, free and paid images and elements, free and paid templates, team and sharing features, social media scheduling capabilities

Standout Points: Women-owned, easy to use, extensive features, integrations available

Impact: Canva has been globally carbon neutral since 2021. They have decreased their cloud service emissions by 90% and have committed to planting over 5 million trees. Their headquarters is sustainably designed and even has rooftop bees that produce 250 kg of honey annually.

Cloverly is a platform that offers high-quality carbon credits to help customers join in climate action. They simplify calculating and offset carbon emissions through carbon removal projects.

Located In: Georgia, USA 

What They Offer: Carbon credits and carbon offsetting for everything from apparel to travel to shipping for B2B and B2C applications

Standout Points: Diverse portfolio of projects, verified carbon credits, transparent platform, easy access, flexible API integration

Impact: Cloverly chooses projects carefully and spreads them across the globe for increased impact. They use transparent, verified credits and make reducing their carbon footprint easier for businesses and individuals.

Carbon Offset Software: Cloverly

Carbon Offset Software: EcoCart

EcoCart is a carbon offset integration that allows businesses and customers to calculate and offset carbon emissions. They can also help clients become carbon-neutral certified to offer increased transparency.

Located In: San Francisco, California, USA

What They Offer: Carbon offsetting, carbon neutral shipping services, carbon neutral certification, end-to-end sustainable order support

Standout Points: Detailed data, tracking, and insights, seamless integration, one-click carbon-neutral shipping options

Impact: EcoCart works with a global network of reliable partners to sequester, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. They prioritize transparency, legitimacy, impact, and traceability in all their carbon-offsetting projects.

Wave is a free money management platform for small businesses. They have helped over 2,000,000 North American business owners streamline their finances.

Located In: Toronto, Canada

What They Offer: Invoicing, accounting, payment processing, and bookkeeping for small businesses

Standout Points: Free forever, paid premiums like personalized bookkeeping and coaching, simple user interface, built-in templates

Impact: Wave supports small business owners, including those dedicated to sustainability

Simple Business Finance: Wave

Project Management: Trello

Trello is a comprehensive project management tool that helps clients save time and boost productivity. With cards, lists, and boards, users can keep track of progress and responsibility.

Located In: New York, USA

What They Offer: Project management software for organizations of all sizes

Standout Points: Simple, flexible, powerful features, easy to set up, user-friendly, free plan

Impact: Trello’s parent company, Atlassian, operates on 100% renewable electricity. They aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 and inspire their team members and partners to act for the planet.

EcoSend is a climate-conscious email marketing platform specifically designed to help brands reduce the carbon footprint of their marketing without sacrificing functionality.

Located In: Headquarters in London, England, with a remote team

What They Offer: Full-service email marketing platform with features including advanced segmentation, targeting, multi-channel delivery, templates, HTML block builder, lead capture forms, and more

Standout Points: Easy-to-use interface, powerful software capability, real-time metrics, 1000+ integrations with other software, list import functions, privacy compliant, free migration and set up as part of their onboarding

Impact: EcoSend is a Good Business Charter Accredited business and supports the Terra Carta sustainable markets initiative. They plant trees monthly for EcoSend users, offset 100% of their carbon footprint, use energy-efficient infrastructure, and reinvest part of their profits into carbon capture initiatives.

Email Marketing:

Productivity: Google Tools

Google offers many productivity tools that can be used for free. Their commenting and sharing features make it easy for team members to collaborate on projects.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Online software including spreadsheets, slideshows, word processing, document storage, calendars, video calls, email, and more

Standout Points: Easy to use, wide range of products, free for most use, functions on all operating systems

Impact: Google has been carbon neutral for its operations since 2007. They are currently working to help more than 500 cities and local governments reduce 1 gigaton of carbon emissions by 2030.

Third-Party Fulfillment Providers (3PL)

Fulfillment can be one of the biggest challenges when running a product-based business. 

And when things go wrong, it can also be a significant source of waste, frustration, and carbon emissions. These highly-rated 3PL companies can help you eliminate the worries of fulfillment and logistics to grow your customer base more easily.

XB Fulfillment offers bespoke supply chain management solutions for eCommerce businesses using cutting-edge technology.

Located In: San Diego, California, USA

What They Offer: Full-service supply chain management, including omnichannel order fulfillment, contact center services, order customization, and more

Standout Points: Over 99% accuracy in orders, inventory, and on-time shipping, ships all orders received by 1:00 PM EST the same day, capacity for extras like hand-written notes and gift-wrapping, real-time visibility tracking

Impact: XB Fulfillment doesn’t highlight sustainability as one of its main focuses. However, they work to make the process as efficient as possible and reduce return rates, which helps reduce emissions and waste.

XB Fulfillment

Quiet Platforms

Quiet Platforms offers nimble, collaborative fulfillment and delivery solutions customized to each client. They work with various commerce customers and have partnered with household name brands.

Located In: Massachusetts, USA

What They Offer: 3PL services, fulfillment as a service, freight technology and transportation management, digital services like analysis and reporting

Standout Points: Focus on creating the perfect 3PL ecosystem for every customer, a collaborative commerce network that helps all clients succeed, a holistic approach to efficiency and growth

Impact: Quiet Platforms works to share, save, and decarbonize fulfillment by making it a collaborative, abundant system. By bringing shipment centers and clients together, they can also reduce shipping emissions.

Bergen Logistics is a global order fulfillment and 3PL company with over 25 years of experience. They use tech-driven processes to create a simple, clear, and effective experience.

Located In: Bergen, New Jersey, USA

What They Offer: Order fulfillment and 3PL for a variety of industries like fashion, accessories, cosmetics, home goods, medical devices, and more

Standout Points: Global fulfillment framework, real-time order updates, focus on innovation and staying current, cost management strategies, expertise to handle any product scope

Impact: Bergen Logistics has ESG initiatives to improve its impact in areas like waste, energy, and air pollution.

Bergen Logistics

DCL Corp

DCL Corp is a 3PL and fulfillment company that ships more than 20 thousand orders from 7 US facilities daily. They emphasize quality and reliability to give their customers the best experience possible.

Located In: Headquarters in California, USA, with centers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe

What They Offer: Third Party Logistics and fulfillment, retail and B2B logistics, transportation management, Amazon fulfillment services, reverse logistics

Standout Points: 99.8% on-time shipment and order accuracy, 4:1 customer-to-account manager ratio, distributed facilities, cutting-edge technology

Impact: DCL has used sustainable logistics and supply chain practices for decades. They work to reduce waste, use energy efficiently, and lower their carbon footprint

ShipBob is a product fulfillment and 3PL company that serves eCommerce customers around the globe. They work with more than 7000 brands to create memorable customer experiences.

Located In: Illinois, USA

What They Offer: Product fulfillment and Third Party Logistics, custom unboxing experience design, inventory management

Standout Points: Integrations with popular platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and BigCommerce, extensive fulfillment network, transparent performance

Impact: ShipBob’s distributed locations help reduce transportation emissions and energy use. They also allow partners to use Ecocart to offset carbon emissions from shipping.


Logos Logistics

Logos Logistics is a high-quality 3PL company mainly serving businesses in the Midwest United States. They offer a robust online logistics system for real-time updates on products.

Located In: Michigan and Ohio, USA

What They Offer: 3PL Warehousing, trucking, and transportation services, eCommerce order fulfillment, contract logistics services

Standout Points: 15+ years experience, competitive rates, fully insured, certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and the National Women’s Business Enterprise

Impact: Logos Logistics is working to reduce waste, emissions, and energy use in its facilities. They are a SmartWay Certified transport partner and train drivers to promote fuel conservation.

Reverse Logistics

While you work to reduce returns and exchanges, reverse logistics is still an inevitable part of your business process. Having a trusted system in place helps you reduce losses and waste.

A well-designed reverse logistics system also creates a better experience for your customers and can increase customer loyalty even after a return or exchange.

These reverse logistics companies help make the experience positive for you and your customers while keeping the planet in mind.

Happy Returns

Happy Returns is a child company of PayPal and offers package and label-free return services through return bars across the United States. Some of their notable clients include Allbirds and Everlane.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Returns and reverse logistics for eCommerce companies

Standout Points: Over 9,000 Return Bars in the US. can save merchants up to 40% on return costs, offers customizable return portal app

Impact: Happy Returns doesn’t require customers to repackage their returns to ship them. Instead, they accept them without a package or label and place returns in reusable totes for shipping. This saves 120k pounds of greenhouse gas emissions for every million returns.

Recurate is a platform that allows eCommerce brands to create a fully integrated branded resale program. Their notable clients include Outerknown, Steve Madden, and Another Tomorrow.

Located In: Washington, DC, USA

What They Offer: Resale services for products like non-new returns, takebacks, peer-to-peer sales, and more

Standout Points: Integrates with any eCommerce platform, consistent branding and UX experience, helps increase revenue, engagement, and new customers

Impact: Recurate aims to make reCommerce accessible so any brand can participate in the circular economy. They help reduce waste and give products a longer useful life.


The Arrive Platform

Arrive offers resale platform integration for eCommerce brands and manages identifying, refurbishing, grading, and order fulfillment.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Scalable resale platform integration for every type of product from apparel to home goods

Standout Points: Detailed operational analytics, end-to-end management, quick integration

Impact: Arrive strives to help divert the more than $200 billion worth of returned product that is burned or sent to landfills each year. This helps brands become more efficient, reducing their carbon impact and eliminating waste.

Optoro is an all-in-one returns platform that helps make exchanges and returns easy for eCommerce brands. They aim to help clients delight customers, drive revenue, improve processing, and enable sustainability. They work with industry-leading brands like Ikea, Gap, and Best Buy.

Located In: Washington State, USA

What They Offer: Returns experience, returns management, reCommerce and resale, and full-platform integration

Standout Points: Able to handle every part of the return and exchange process, detailed reporting and data, proprietary B2B resale marketplace

Impact: Optoro works to improve every step of the process to make reverse logistics more sustainable. Since they offer end-to-end service, they can take waste out of product returns.



Trove is an innovative platform that powers the resale ecosystem for eCommerce brands using trade-in technology and high levels of support. They work with well-known customers like REI and Lululemon.

Located In: California, USA

What They Offer: Trade-in programs, reverse logistics, resale storefront platform, resale data insight

Standout Points: Omnichannel support, scalable system, help throughout the circular customer experience, quick integration

Impact: Trove works to educate and empower brands to become more circular. They help keep usable items out of the landfill, increase revenue without increasing carbon emissions, and transform unsellable items into new resources through partnerships with Next Best Use Vendors.

Finding the Tools You Need to Succeed

We hope this guide has helped you find a solid foundation for choosing the best suppliers and resources for your sustainable business. While it may sometimes feel overwhelming, your efforts to make eco-conscious choices in your business have an impact!

For more small business resources, check out one of our other comprehensive guides: 

If you have questions about choosing the best tools for your sustainable brand, contact us. We’re here to help you navigate challenges and find the perfect fit for your needs.