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Bill of Materials and Supply Chain

Looking for verified information on the sustainability of our products? Looking to learn more about our supply chain? Read on for more information.

EcoEnclose Bill of Materials

Our Bill of Materials is a comprehensive outline of the inputs used in each of our products, including detailed information such as the printing inks used, what goes into our adhesives, what are our release liners made of, where products are manufactured, and more.


The Bill of Materials is signed by our President and CEO, verifying that the information contained in it has been confirmed by our manufacturers and their suppliers through a combination of MSDS / SDS sheets, their signed letters of verification, and in-person plant tours.  

If you don’t see specific information you need for a product, please email Your questions about our materials helps us constantly better understand and improve our product line.

As you review it, you’ll likely also notice that there is room for us to improve our product line further - such as increasing our post-consumer waste, advancing our adhesives and printing inks, and move towards more eco-friendly release liners. If you have specific requests for eco improvements, send them to 

Supplier Verification and Material Specifications

We know that some companies we work with need more documentation than the bill of materials, perhaps for internal audits or a certification process they may be going through.

If you are looking for documentation and verifications from our manufacturing partners, we can certainly provide this for you, but do ask that we enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement first. These NDA’s help us respect our entire supply chain, especially as we and many of our manufacturing partners have invested heavily in the R&D required to develop such progressive and sustainable packaging solutions.

You can download our Non Disclosure Agreement here to review and sign. Return signed copies to or directly to the EcoEnclose team member you have been working with.


EcoEnclose does not yet carry any industry certifications.

We invested significant resources last year in auditing our supply chain, touring our manufacturing partners, and developing a comprehensive and verified Bill of Materials. We felt that this step was more immediately essential to our values and eco-commitment than the pursuit of any one particular certification.

With our Bill of Materials developed, we can now devote more resources to third party auditing and certification. Please read on for more insight on the types of certifications we aim to pursue in the coming year.

Industry certifications that are relevant for packaging companies tend to fall into a few different categories.

Certifications that confirm recycled content claims.

Examples of such certifications include:

  • Global Recycle Standard Certification
  • UL Recycled Content Verification
  • SCS Recycled Content
  • APR Post Consumer Resin (PCR) Certification Program
  • Green Circle Certified
  • Intertek’s Verified Recycled Content

Looking ahead: EcoEnclose is exploring one or more certifications in this category, with the ideal certification selected based on the program’s stringency and relevancy across as many of our diverse products as possible. The process by which certifying bodies use to verify recycled content claims aligns closely with the process EcoEnclose has gone through to develop our Bill of Materials.

Overall certifications that evaluate an entire company’s operation and impact.

This includes programs such as B Corporation and Green Business Bureau. These certifications offer tremendous value by helping companies identify their biggest opportunities for improvement. B Corporation is particularly innovative in that it looks at a company’s impact on People alongside Planet.

Looking ahead: EcoEnclose is a certified member of EcoCycle’s Green Star Business Program, a program designed to help Boulder County businesses self assess their operations and products, and identify opportunities for eco-improvements. For example, EcoEcycle monitors our monthly waste and diversion metrics and has helped us identify goals and strategies to decrease overall waste and increase landfill diversion. Additionally, EcoEnclose is a certified Louisville Green Business. These are two highly localized but still tremendously valued programs for our business. Looking ahead, after pursuing recycled content certifications (as described above), we are eager to go through the B Corporation audit and certification process.

Certifications that evaluate how sustainably or ethically raw materials are grown.

Examples of this include USDA Organic, Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and GOTS certified organic. USDA Organic is typically used to certify how food was grown, FSC is used to certify how sustainably trees were grown for virgin wood and paper products, and GOTS is primarily used to certify cotton fabric.

Looking ahead: EcoEnclose is focused on 100% recycled content wherever possible. While we do carry several products that are not 100% recycled (such as our partially recycled bubble mailer, our GreenWrap, and our packaging tape), these represent a small fraction of what we offer. Because of this, we do not see programs that certify raw materials as helping us improve the sustainability of our product or company enough to warrant the resources and costs involved.