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Eco-Designed Stickers

Proudly Shipped in Reused Packaging Stickers

Enhance your sustainable packaging with eco-designed stickers!

Our stickers are for companies who make it a habit to use eco-friendly packaging or reuse packaging as often as possible. Taking the time to purchase sustainable packaging, and save, store, and repurpose used packaging is an awesome commitment to Mother Earth. These stickers will help you showcase your packaging with pride.

All of our eco-designed stickers are made of 100% post-consumer waste paper* and arrive on our 100% recycled, curbside recyclable Zero Waste Release Liner.

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*Recycled content percentage accounts for paper fibers only



  • 1x2" Zero Waste Sticker - Protect Our Planet

    Protect Our Planet Sticker
    1" x 2" - Zero Waste Liner

    $0.00 - $38.39
  • 2.5" Zero Waste Sticker - Green Is the New Black

    Green Is The New Black Sticker
    2.5" - Zero Waste Liner

    $0.00 - $58.50
  • 2.5" Zero Waste Sticker - Proudly Shipped Reused  - Strip of 20

    Proudly Shipped Reused Sticker
    2.5" - Zero Waste Liner

  • 1.5x2.5" Zero Waste Sticker - This Product Was Mindfully Packaged

    Mindfully Packaged Sticker
    1.5" x 2.5" - Zero Waste Liner

    $0.00 - $35.25