Corrugated Alternative to Bubble Wrap®

Upcycled from scraps from our shipping box manufacturing, our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap® is a recycled and recyclable paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap® and foam peanuts.

Category ALT
Recycled Content

Recycled Content

Fibers made with 100% recycled content. May also include additives and adhesives.

PCW Content

PCW Content

Made with 95% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills.



Upcycled corrugate is shredded to form expandable corrugated sheets.



The materials used to construct the corrugated sheets do not contain synthetic polymers.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside Recyclable

Commonly accepted in most curbside recycling programs across the US.

Made in USA

Made in USA

Utilizes local recycled inputs, transparent supply chain, lower transportation footprint.

Upcycled Protective Packaging

Incorporate our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap® into your sustainable packaging strategy in unique ways.

  • Pull corrugated sheets apart and twist together to form a “nest”
  • Wrap products in perfectly sized corrugated sheets
  • Lay corrugated bubble in your box for added cushioning
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Material 100% recycled content, upcycled from our shipping box manufacturing scraps
Recycled Content 100% recycled content
95% post-consumer waste
Thickness ¼”, ½” or ¾”
Functionality Stretch and twist into a nest to form volume
End-of-Life Curbside recyclable with paper
Naturally biodegradable
Origin Made in USA
Product Color Kraft
Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure corrugated bubble?

This diagram illustrates the length and width of our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap®. There are minimums and maximums to how long and wide we can cut. The shred lines run parallel to the length and perpendicular to the width and the fluting of the corrugate.

corrugated bubble size guide

What makes corrugated bubble more sustainable than traditional plastic bubble wrap®?

Our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap® is made with upcycled corrugate - scraps from our corrugated box manufacturing line. The material is 100% recycled and made with 95% post-consumer waste. It is also curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

Traditional bubble wrap® is almost always made with virgin plastic. While it is typically thin film recyclable, it is not curbside recyclable. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap® is perfectly sized for your needs and allows you to cushion and protect your good without shipping excess air and material.

Does EcoEnclose offer any additional eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap®?

Yes - our corrugated alternative to bubble wrap® is one of several void fill alternatives we offer, all of which are plastic-free, curbside recyclable alternatives to traditional plastic bubble. Corrugated bubble is one of our favorites because it is both upcycled and recycled. But we stand behind all of our eco-friendly void fill options. Our Guide to Protective Packaging discusses these in more detail.

Is corrugated bubble returnable?

Corrugated bubble is a custom-sized corrugated product, so they are not returnable. If you have issues with your corrugated bubble, contact us, and we will work towards a resolution.

How can I use corrugated bubble in my packaging strategy?

This product can be used as a plastic-free replacement for almost any situation you might consider using bubble wrap®! But we believe corrugated bubble is even more versatile. Not only does it replace traditional plastic bubble, it can also replace air pillows and packaging peanuts - two other void fill options that are typically virgin and lead brands to ship excessive amounts of air.

To replace air pillows or packaging peanuts, create a ball out of corrugated bubble. Stretch the corrugated bubble and crumple it up to make “corrugated nests” to use as cushioning under your product.

To replace bubble wrap®, use one of these two methods. Wrap your fragile products in appropriately-sized corrugated bubble before placing them inside your box.

Alternatively, order corrugated bubble that fits your box perfectly and use it as a soft pad to line the bottom or top of your shipping box.

corrugated bubble wrap video overview

What's the difference between the three thicknesses of corrugated bubble?

We offer corrugated bubble in ¼”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. The thinnest option is ¼” and is made with one sheet of C flute corrugated. The ½” option is made with two sheets of corrugated board shredded together, and the ¾” option is made with three sheets of corrugated board.

Use thicker options when you need more cushioning and padding in your shipping box. If you’re not sure which option to choose, order free samples to help you experience the differences between them firsthand.