Art and Prints

Do you produce one of a kind art prints or paintings? Are you a designer who sells postcards or posters? Or perhaps you sell custom made stationary or journals on Etsy. These types of artistic expressions should be packaged up in ways that protect their contents (especially for bespoke pieces) and deliver them to customers with as much care and creativity that went into producing them.

Packaging Considerations

Artists and designers will want to consider:
  • How valuable each shipment is. Again, if you produce and sell watercolors and each piece is custom made and irreplaceable, taking the time and spending the resources to fully protect package contents is well worth the money and effort. On the other hand, if you sell prints, you may be more willing to risk a very occasional damaged product.
  • How rigid your package needs to be. Can your product bend or be folded at all? If not, our 100% rigid mailers or boxes may be your best bet. You might also use chipboard pads or corrugated pads to add further rigidity to your package. If a slight bend is acceptable, cushioned protective mailers (like our 100% Recycled Padded Mailers or 32.6% Recycled Bubble Mailers) could work well.
  • How thick are your typical shipments? Do you sell 100 postcards at a time or a single print? Corrugated shipping boxes are ideal for thicker products, while mailers work well for single prints or pieces.
Packaging Ideas
Shipping a stack of prints or greeting cards?
We recommend a custom cut One Panel Fold (OPF) corrugated box or a 100% Recycled Rigid Mailer. OPF shipping boxes are an easy and beautiful way to package stacks of cards.
one panel fold corrugated box
We offer two different types of 100% Recycled Rigid Mailers - an Extra Rigid Tab Locking Mailer and a Self Sealing Rigid Mailer.
Self Sealing Rigid MailerExtra Rigid Tab Locking Mailer
The first one is made with thicker, stronger paperboard and it is near impossible to bend. It does, however, need to be sealed with tape (because the paperboard is so thick that ready adhesives do not work well on them!). Our self-sealing rigid mailers are made with slightly thinner paperboard, making them easier to work with but not quite as strong as their tab locking counterparts.

The larger sizes of the rigid mailers also feature clever creasing, allowing them to expand slightly to fit stacks of cards.

Padded Mailers or Bubble Mailers may also work well for this use, because the product itself (a stack of prints) will resist bending and therefore does not necessarily need the mailer to be perfectly rigid.

Shipping a f
ramed print?
We recommend a custom cut One Panel Fold (OPF) corrugated box.

If the print is fragile, made with any glass or ceramic, consider using
GreenWrap, tissue paper, corrugated bubble, or packaging paper to protect your print.

Shipping a single unframed print?
We've been so impressed by the creativity of so many in the Eco Family who have come up with incredible ways to wrap, protect and package their prints. Here are a few approaches that seem to work well.
  • Option 1: Rigid Mailer. These are very sturdy mailers and for many prints, can do the trick all by themselves. However, if you think it is helpful, you might consider backing it with a Chipboard Pad or a Corrugated Pad.
    rigid mailer to ship art
  • Option 2: Poly Mailer. These are recycled plastic and are not rigid, so artists typically surround prints with Corrugated Pads (PAD, on the custom cut corrugated box page) and protect them using a Flap & Seal.
  • Option 3: Kraft Mailer. These are paper, but are also not rigid. So again, prints could be backed with Corrugated Pads and protected using a Flap & Seal.

Shipping rolled posters?
Give us a shout and we can help you find the optimal solution. Depending on your volumes and packaging needs, we can source a custom solution that isn't currently available on our website.


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