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We Care Eco Friendly Materials Card

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Complimentary We Care Cards


Thank you for shipping in eco-friendly packaging! Show your your commitment by including a complimentary WE CARE card into your shipments.

We are particularly excited about these NEWEST We Care Cards, because they feature a QR code that directs your customers to information on how to reuse, repurpose or recycle their specific packaging. We think this is particularly valuable for companies who use our 100% recycled poly mailers and want to provide their customers with added guidance on how to reuse the mailer for returns, recycle their mailers in thin film drop off locations, or send back their mailers to EcoEnclose for recycling.  

These We Care Cards are printed with vegetable-based inks on cardstock made with 100% Post Consumer Waste! The backs of these cards are blank, so you can use them for customer notes! The cards include a note - "Please Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle This Packaging." Recycled content in packaging is important but end of life is also critical. We hope these cards encourage your consumers to dispose of their packaging responsibly.

Please note that if you are placing a sample order today, we will include one original WE CARE card in your package so you can check them out. You can then add bundles of WE CARE cards in any subsequent orders you place. If you need to replenish your WE CARE cards but do not need to place an order, please contact [email protected] to have it placed for you.