We Care Cards



Complimentary We Care Cards

Thank you for shipping in earth-friendly packaging! Show your customers how committed you are to the planet by including a complimentary WE CARE card into each of your shipments.
We are excited about our NEW We Care Cards! Why? Because they are now printed with vegetable-based inks. They are now made with recycled paper made with 100% Post Consumer Waste! The backs of these cards are now blank, which means they can double as card stock for your customer notes! And we added a note to "Please Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle This Packaging." Recycled content in packaging is important but end of life is also critical, so we wanted to encourage consumers to dispose of their packaging responsibly.
Second, we got feedback that our previous We Care Cards were a little confusing, because they prominently showcased all of the eco-friendly packaging logos (recycled, recyclable, reusable, renewable, biodegradable) so it didn't always match the specific eco attributes of the packaging solution each company was using. Finally, we know the term "eco-friendly" can seem vague so the card directs anyone interested in learning more to our site, where they can find our Framework for Sustainable Packaging, and see just how much care has gone into ensuring their packaging was made as sustainably as possible. We hope you like the improvements! And we hope these help you tell your eco story!
Please note that if you are placing a sample order today, we will not include a bundle, but will include one Sample We Care Card in your package so you can check them out.