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Enterprise Custom Packaging

Do you ship 1,000+ orders per week? EcoEnterprise has you covered.

Through inline, high-volume printing, we offer a world of customization options for your sustainable packaging. We are passionate about creating responsible packaging that tells your brand's story.

What is Inline Packaging?

Inline packaging is custom-printed packaging beyond what we offer directly through our website. Available at production volumes, inline packaging is printed before it is converted into its final packaging structure.
Customizing packaging inline gives you more flexibility in artwork boundaries, number of colors, sizes, material thicknesses, and structural designs. However, we can only do inline customization at relatively high volumes, ranging from as low as 5,000 for some of our paper mailers to 25,000 for our poly and bubble mailers. Learn more about our inline capabilities.

100% Recycled Poly Mailers

Made with 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer content, with a reusable tear strip and recyclable in thin film bins.

Inline production starting at 25,000 units. Request a quote. 

50% Recycled Poly Bubble Mailers

Made with 50% recycled content and 10% post-consumer waste, our bubble mailers are the result of our commitment to and investment in recycled content.

Inline production starting at 25,000 units. Request a quote.

100% Recycled Paper Padded Mailers

Upcycled newspaper is matted into a layer of cushioning, then sandwiched between two layers of recycled Kraft paper. Once used, it is readily curbside recycled.

Inline production starting at 15,000 units. Request a quote.

Paper Mailers: Kraft | EcoX | Apparel | Rigid

A variety of paper-based mailers that are 100% recycled, curbside recyclable, and naturally biodegradable. All are a great fit for a plastic-free shipping strategy.

Inline production starting at 5,000 units. Request a quote.

100% Recycled Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Fully customizable corrugated shipping boxes made with 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste. Available in a multitude of configurations, every cardboard box is customized to your specific needs so your unique products fit perfectly.

Inline production starting at 5,000 units. Request a quote.

100% Recycled Retail Boxes

Made with 100% recycled content and 90% post-consumer waste. Strong, yet lightweight and easy to assemble. Ideal for retail and internal eco-friendly packaging.

Inline production starting at 10,000 units. Request a quote.

Inner Packaging

EcoBand Paper Product Wrap is made with 100% recycled content and a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste. Our 80# Kraft paper is flexible enough to wrap around your products and sturdy enough to keep your goods secure and protected. Glassine Bags are made with certified sustainably sourced paper and are a curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable alternative to a clear poly bag.

Inline production starting at 5,000 units for EcoBands and 300,000 units for Glassine Bags. Request a quote.

Paper Shopping Bags

EcoBand Paper Shopping Bags are made with 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste. They are SQF Certified for Food Safety (category 67).

Need Lower Volumes of Custom Packaging?

Post-production printing refers to the process of printing on already-formed packaging. We offer this directly through our website!

At minimums of just 100 units, we can help you create gorgeous custom printed mailers and boxes. See post-production custom packaging examples and learn more about our post-production capabilities.