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Paper Packaging Eco Savings Calculator

Why choose recycled packaging from EcoEnclose?

Recycled packaging options save natural resources, reduce water consumption, and release fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when compared to virgin counterparts. We've developed this Sustainability Savings Calculator to help you quantify your impact on the planet by choosing recycled packaging instead of virgin packaging.

How To Use

Select the packaging product and input the quantity of units. The tool will then output:

  1. The impact of producing your selected packaging with 100% virgin content
  2. The same impacts to produce EcoEnclose's recycled versions of selected packaging
  3. Your sustainability savings by choosing EcoEnclose's recycled packaging

We recognize that resource estimates like these utilize a lot of assumptions, and that these assumptions are often debated. This calculator is linked directly to the latest data provided by the Environmental Paper Network's Paper Calculator 4.0. Find more information at the bottom of this page.

Paper Type Quantity (units)