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ReEnclose Reusable Mailers

Introducing the
ReEnclose Mailer

Introducing the ReEnclose Mailer

Recycled, Reusable Mailers
for Sustainable and Circular Shipping

100% Recycled, Reusable Mailers for Sustainable and Circular Shipping

EcoEnclose is on a mission to make packaging truly circular - with a focus on maximizing post-consumer waste, ensuring recyclability, minimizing carbon footprints, building ethical supply chains, and more. We are thrilled to introduce reusable mailers made from recycled plastic bottles to our sustainable packaging line to continue our mission.

Learn about ReEnclose Reusable Mailers

Recycled & Recyclable

ReEnclose Mailers are made from 100% post-consumer waste fabric, made from recycled bottles. Send them to EcoEnclose for responsible recycling at their end-of-life.

Fully Customizable

Customize your mailer by selecting the size, material, and branding. Print your logo or artwork onto the mailer for a branded experience.


We conduct a life cycle analysis to ensure your switch to reusable mailers reduces your environmental footprint. Learn more about the key factors that go into the calculation.

Recycled & Recyclable

ReEnclose Mailers are made from 100% recycled fabric. Once they reach end of their useful life, send them to EcoEnclose for responsible recycling.

Fully Customizable

You design your mailer by selecting the size, material, and branding. We can print your logo or artwork onto the mailer for a custom branded experience.


We conduct a life cycle analysis to ensure your switch to reusable mailers reduces your environmental footprint. Learn more about the key factors that go into the calculation.
A study by Fashion For Good found that reusable mailers result in 87% less plastic waste than virgin, single-use, landfilled mailers when they are successfully returned and reused at high rates.

Partner With Us

Making the switch to reusables can be complicated. For some business models, it is an environmental win to move to reusables. For others, single-use packaging can actually be the more sustainable option. Reusable mailers can make your logistis more complex and costly, or they could be an efficient and less expensive long-term solution.
EcoEnclose will be your EcoAlly, helping you be thoughtful and data-driven in your decision making and providing hands on guidance as you shift your operations towards reusable packaging. We won't push reusables when it isn't the right fit, and we will be a thought partner when you face unexpected logistical challenges. We'll customize your ReEnclose Mailer to achieve a minimal environmental footprint and maximum brand impact. We will test and decide on the best packaging solution for your business model and environmental goals.

How the EcoEnclose reusable mailer program works

ReEnclose Mailers In Action

We've designed the ReEnclose Mailer to be easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I custom size the ReEnclose Mailer?

Right Sizing Reusable Mailers

Yes - This is extremely important to us. We have cringed when receiving products in reusable mailers that are way too big - a pair of socks or one beanie cap might arrive in a reusable bag that is over four times the size of the item we purchased.

Consider this. If you swap out your existing single-use mailer with a reusable mailer that is exactly the same size, you'll need to ensure it is purposefully used 20+ times to ensure an equal environmental impact. If you replace your existing single-use mailers with reusable mailers that are much larger than your current size (and much larger than the products they are shipping), the number of uses to ensure an equal impact rises dramatically.

  1. We offer many different sizes so that you can choose the reusable mailer that will best fit your product. We'll also work with you to ensure you have the right suite of sizes available in your distribution center, based on the diversity of shipments you send out.
  2. Our reusable mailers can be also be folded over and secured by snaps into smaller sizes. This is particularly helpful on the return journey. If you have a clothing subscription business, your customers likely send back a fraction of what they were sent. They'll be able to size down the mailer they received to snuggly fit what they send back.

Can the ReEnclose Mailer be custom branded?

Custom Branding Reusable Mailers

Yes! We can print your logo or artwork onto the reusable mailer so that customers have a custom-branded experience opening your packages.

What are ReEnclose Mailers made from?

Recycled Fabric for Reusable Mailers

ReEnclose Mailer fabric is made with 100% post-consumer waste polyester fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. Each yard of fabric recycles about 10 plastic bottles and saves about one pound of carbon emissions, compared to standard nylon or polyester bag fabric.

We offer several different material options that range in texture, thickness, and aesthetic. Why? So you can choose the lightest weight material possible that will also perform best for your unique products and align with your aesthetic preferences and the customer experience you are striving to achieve. If our lightest weight material will work for you, we'll push strongly for it as the most environmentally preferred option. Some brands may prefer our thicker and more substantial materials.

What happens at the end of a ReEnclose Mailer's useful life?

Responsible Recycling of Reusable Mailers

Reusable packaging is an excellent step towards a more circular future. But, for reusable packaging to be a better solution for the planet, it must be recycled at the end of its useful life. Reusable mailers are typically about 20 times heavier than single-use poly mailers. So, if your reusable mailers end up in the landfill after 20 uses, they will have resulted in more landfill waste than the poly mailers they replaced.

Unfortunately, our recycled polyester fabric ReEnclose Mailers are not curbside recyclable. But don't worry! We'll take care of the recycling process for your brand and customers. Send your reusable mailers to EcoEnclose when they are no longer usable. We have partnered with g2 revolution, which ensures that recycled ReEnclose mailers are shredded, cleaned, and reused in the making of composite decking. g2's services aim to reduce waste generation through reuse, recycling, or recovery of used materials to make new products.

If your brand ships in ReEnclose Mailers, we'll share more detail about how to collect and send back old mailers to our warehouse.

Are reusable mailers more sustainable than recycled poly mailers?

Sustainability of Reusable Mailers and Poly Mailers

As with similar questions, the answer is - frustratingly - it depends. The key factors to consider include:

  • The weight and source material of the reusable mailer and the standard mailer you are comparing.
  • How many uses you anticipate your reusable mailer to go through, and how many your standard mailer typically goes through.  
  • What happens to your reusable mailer at the end of its useful life and what typically happens to your standard mailer.
  • Does your reusable mailer travel more than your standard mailer, and does it have to be cleaned frequently over the coure of its useful life.

In most cases, a reusable mailer becomes more sustainable than a poly mailer after a certain amount of uses, and the number of uses varies based on the variables listed above. Analysis we've conducted shows that reusable mailers need to be used six to forty times to ensure an equal impact, depending on the construction and features of the two mailers being compared.

We recommend exploring our Reusable Mailers Sustainability Calculator which is designed to help you estimate how many uses or "cycles" your reusable mailer has to go through to ensure it has the equivalent carbon footprint of poly mailers you are replacing.

Learn more and see a high level example on our blog Comparing Reusable Mailers and Poly Mailers.


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