Custom Mailers

A custom printed mailer makes consumers feel extra special and makes them more likely to post your products and the mailers they arrived in on social media.
Check out our selection of mailers and make the right choice for your business and for the environment. Order free samples to try a few mailers before you buy. If you are trying to choose between our paper-based mailers or poly mailers, and aren't sure which is the most eco-friendly choice, review our research on Paper Versus Plastic and our Guide to Sustainable Packaging for guidance.
Don’t know anything about custom packaging and printing? All you need is your product, your desired packaging and your artwork- we’ll take care of the rest. For more information art artwork, check out our Mailer Artwork Guidelines.
Want to go fully branded with your packaging? Check out all of our Custom Branded Packaging options for more info.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

For e-commerce brands, the shipped package represents the most direct touchpoint with a customer. It is also one of the most underused marketing opportunities at your disposal. Here at EcoEnclose, we often remark that your shipped package is the only marketing tool at your disposal with a 100% open rate. Make sure it tells your story!

And the data backs this up. A 2016 survey from Dotcom Distribution found that 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging. 39% of consumers have shared an image of a delivery via social media because it arrived in unique, branded packaging. That translates into referrals, buzz, and user-generated content. Done well, branded, sustainable packaging makes a significant difference in category dominance, sales growth, brand equity, and consumer loyalty. Custom printed packaging solutions from the outside of the box to the void fill help ensure safe product delivery while creating a memorable e-commerce experience for your customers.

Custom Packaging for Enterprise Brands

When you order 5,000+ paper mailers, 5,000+ boxes, or 25,000 or more poly mailers or bubble mailers, your artwork limitations almost disappear entirely.

See for yourself - check out inline custom packaging inspiration.

At this stage, your order is produced “in-line” (meaning your material is printed before it is converted into packaging). Not only do your opportunities for custom sizing, shapes, features, and branding expand significantly, your per-unit costs drop significantly.

Our EcoEnclose representatives will become your EcoAlly, working closely with you through every stage of your packaging decision - choosing the right solutions, deciding how to customize your packaging, submitting your order, managing your lead times and order execution, and helping you troubleshoot any concerns and questions that come up as you transition your operations team to sustainable packaging.

If you are an enterprise brand that ships 1,000 or more orders per week, explore EcoEnterprise to learn about the unique ways in which we can serve your business. If you ship less than 1,000 orders per week, we still have you covered! You can place your orders on our site or if you’d prefer support, contact us anytime.