Sustainable Packaging: Get Inspired by These Beautiful Inline Prints

Scroll down for examples of inline prints and other custom sized, shaped and branded packaging beyond what we offer directly through our website.

When packaging is printed or customized "inline" (often referred to as "preproduction") it means that the material is printed on before it is converted into mailers or boxes. Post-production printing refers to the process of printing on already formed mailers.

Customizing packaging in-line gives you more flexibility in terms of margins (including full bleed in some cases), number of colors, different sizes, different material thicknesses, and different structural designs. Inline customization can only be done at relatively high volumes, ranging from as low as 5,000 for some of our paper mailers to 25,000 to our poly and bubble mailers. Learn more about our high volume, inline customization options here.

Looking for lower quantities of custom branded packaging? At minimums of just 250, we can help you create gorgeous custom printed mailers and boxes. Click here to see examples of post-production custom branded packaging and learn more about our post-production capabilities.