Welcome to the EcoEnclose Family!

We pride ourselves in providing CHOICE in shipping supplies

We pride ourselves on the fact that we pretty much invented our category: Earth-friendly Shipping Supplies.We are fixated on bringing innovation and eco-solutions to a bit of an otherwise archaic industry. 100% of EcoEnclose offerings are earth-friendly--you can shop with confidence as we don’t make nor sell a product unless we feel it meets our stringent green criteria. Driven by our desire to continually craft new earth-sound alternative solutions, we have become an industry leader and trustworthy resource for other eco-conscientious businesses.

Why does EcoEnclose exist?

We’re glad you asked! Check out this short video to see what drives us.

There is a new economy underway – driven by businesses, citizens, and shoppers – who know the buck on climate change stops with us and who believe the way to preserve the beauty, biodiversity and just plain livability of this planet is to run our businesses and lead our lives with consciousness. This new economy will be led by those who buy less, but buy better. Cheap, disposable products that provide short-term benefits to encourage repurchases are the past. The future? Goods that are high quality, thoughtfully produced, and long-lasting.

If you are a business in this new economy, EcoEnclose exists to support you, so you don’t have to ship your exceptional goods in hugely waste producing ways that are counter to what you believe in.

Meet the Team

Allow me to introduce ourselves. Our team is comprised of tree-hugging, earth-loving, eco-geeks that are altogether overly eager to serve you. That’s guaranteed. We consider it an absolute honor to have the opportunity to provide your business with quality, earth-friendly packaging alternatives. In fact, we partake in a mini-celebration for each and every customer we gain. Your interest validates to us that there are other like-minded, ecologically-conscientious packaging enthusiasts out there and this place we call earth might stand a chance after all! A thumbs-up from you keeps our gears turning.

Kyle and Saloni are EcoEnclose's owners, and are thrilled for any opportunity to learn about your companies and work alongside you to design the perfect ecofriendly packaging solutions for your products. If you haven't met Sonya yet, just get on our live chat and say hello! In addition to being the woman with all of the answers to any question you can come up with, she is always pushing to be as eco-conscious as possible and she bakes desserts that will just blow your mind! If Steph isn't here at EcoEnclose, expertly overseeing all of the goings on at the warehouse, its likely that you will find her either at crossfit or food-geeking out at a great new restaurant. Chris is expertly cutting your boxes to the exact specifications you need, and is likely daydreaming about his vision for the next gorgeous painting he will create. Printing beautiful designs on our boxes is a meticulous process, and we are lucky to have Terrence as our main printing guru (when we can stop him from doing donuts on the forklift that is.) Justin spends his weekend fixing up his Jeep or taking it out on mountain explorations and his weekdays expertly packing up your orders and getting them out the door. And finally, Mike is our everything man - stepping into whatever is needed from him a the time, and doing so with that relaxed demeanor that reminds you everything is going to be just fine...

Like any good family, we don't always see eye to eye on what music to play. Walk into the warehouse at any given time and you could be assaulted by heavy metal or greeted by the sounds of soothing spa-like music, and anything in between. What we do have in common is our passion for bringing you the most sustainable shipping products available today, and working to make the process of ordering shipping supplies (which generally screams "bleh!") into one you look forward to.

The Backstory

EcoEnclose was founded by Erin Kimmett who could not be stopped in her quest to find recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and/or reusable
shipping supplies!