Custom Sticker Artwork Guidelines


Design custom stickers with ease. Start here with our guidelines which serve as an overview of our post-production printing parameters. We have a real, live human proof your artwork prior to production to ensure your vision is captured into a beautifully finished product.

Ink & Color

Our stickers are printed digitally in CMYK. We do our best to convert RGB files accurately. Any white aspect in your design will not be white, but will be the color of the facestock. To achieve the most accurate representation of color for heavy ink coverage designs, or if you would like to include white in your design, we recommend choosing white facestock for your stickers.

Our stickers are printed with toner, except for our Standard stickers on rolls or individual die cut which are printed with UV ink.


Flood coating is possible, however, it is not recommended because it may lead to streaking or uneven coverage in the ink, especially on darker colors. From a sustainability standpoint, we are mindful of the amount of ink used in all our products, and, where possible, we recommend using less ink to achieve beautiful designs.

Color Matching & Custom Samples

It is critical to note that colors may render differently on a digital screen and that colors in your digital proof are only used as reference. If color matching is important, we recommend ordering a custom sample of your design before placing your order.

Custom sticker samples are your design printed to size on your chosen facestock. Your design will be printed with the die line so you can see the size of your final sticker, but your design is not cut to shape.

Zero Waste

  • Sheet Sample: $59 (~5 sheets of stickers)*
  • Roll Sample: $150 (~6-10 stickers)
  • Lead time is 1-2 weeks plus transit time
  • Shipping charge will apply
  • Above details are subject to change

*Available for Zero Waste uncoated sheet stickers only.


  • Sheet Sample: $45 (~5 sheets of stickers)
  • Roll Sample: $75 (~5-10 stickers)
  • Lead time is 1 week plus transit time
  • Shipping charge will apply
  • Above details are subject to change

Art Requirements

  • File Format: Vector recommended*, 300 DPI required
  • Outline all fonts and embed all supporting files
  • Minimum Font Size (Standard): 4 pt Helvetica
  • Minimum Font Size (Reverse-Out): 5 pt Helvetica
  • Any font under 6pt is at risk of being illegible
  • Minimum Stroke Size (Standard): 0.25 pt
  • Minimum Stroke Size (Standard): 1 pt
  • Minimum Size of Spaces to Avoid Fill-in: 1/16"
  • Minimum QR Code Size: 1" x 1"
  • Minimum Barcode Size: 1" x 1"

We have a 1/16" vertical and horizontal movement tolerance. You may see up to 1/16" of movement in your print.


We require vector format so we can scale designs without losing detail. Raster images are pixelated and these pixels can be visible in the final print.

Vector is required for Kraft and clear stickers, and for barcodes and QR codes to ensure scanability.

Lead Time

Lead time is the estimated time to process your order for shipment and does not include transit time.

For branded orders, lead time begins after artwork proof and, if applicable, ink swatch approval.

What does this mean?

When you place a branded order, our Design Team reviews the artwork files attached to your order and creates an artwork proof. We then send your artwork proof to you for review and approval. We highlight any adjustments made, emphasize potential print risks, and request additional files or information.

Once the proof suits your design vision and aligns with our printing capabilities, we request your written approval. After we receive your written approval, your lead time begins.


New to custom packaging or have questions? We are happy to share our experience and thoughts on how to bring your vision to life. We work closely with you during the entire process - from art proof to delivery to your door.