Carbon Neutral Shipping: Our Carbon Offset Project

EcoEnclose is so excited to be working with Cloverly to give our community the chance to ship their packaging carbon neutral. 

If you opted to green your shipment, your contributions are funding a carbon offset project in our home state of Colorado that is focused on habitat protection and carbon sequestration through protecting native grasslands. 

Click here to learn more about how much our EcoAlly community has offset thus far

Click here to learn more about carbon offsets and how they can support sustainability goals

May Ranch Grassland: Our Chosen Offset Project

The May Ranch Grassland project is purposeful protection of grasslands in the eastern part of the state. The family-owned May Ranch was approached by companies interested in converting the land for different uses- water rights, solar panel farms, and agricultural land for animal feed crops. The family worked with several organizations to instead protect the land and benefit from its inherent ecosystem services. The project is now managed by Ducks Unlimited, a nonprofit focused on wetland and waterfowl conservation.

Grasslands hold incredible amounts of carbon in their massive root and soil systems, and have unfortunately disappeared rapidly as cities and suburbs expand. Healthy soil absorbs and holds carbon for long periods of time. At 14,500 acres, if the May Ranch land was converted from its natural prairie form, it would release 8,000 metric tons of carbon per year for the next 50 years. That’s the equivalent of adding 50,000 cars to roads each year! 

The May Ranch project aligns with our belief in the importance of soil health in curbing climate change- all the better that it’s in our favorite place! 

Interested in how soil health and protection curbs climate change? 

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Bioregionalism: Why it matters

Do you know the species of birds native to your city? How about the trees, or wildflowers? Have you ever learned the geology of your geography? The philosophy called bioregionalism is all about understanding and partaking in your bioregion- the ecosystems and natural environment specific to where you live. 

We're big believers in improving your little plot of the world (“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”,) and creating value and protection for the local region. Feeling an allegiance to, and responsibility for, the place you live makes tackling the global issue of climate change more approachable and tangible. Not to mention, it heightens your sense of place and belonging in your own ecosystem.

We also focused on a Colorado-based project because of our pride in this state, the ecosystems, and the natural beauty here. Our company is made up of many transplants- professionals who came from all over the country to Boulder County for its beauty and one-of-a-kind culture: a tightly-knit community of environmental enthusiasts, outdoors-seekers and athletes, and folks building a responsible corporate culture and local supply chain. 

We are able to contribute to offsets at the May Ranch Grassland through our partnership with Cloverly