Custom Sticker Artwork Guidelines

These guidelines serve as an overview of our custom sticker printing parameters. We have a real, live human review and proof your artwork prior to production. Look out for your final preproduction proof within 1-2 business days after your order is placed.

  • Lead time begins after final preproduction proof approval. Check out our current lead times here.
  • Contact us with any questions about our custom printing services and to learn more about advanced printing options; including kiss cut stickers and using multiple designs towards one order quantity.
  • Want to go fully branded with your packaging? Check out all of our custom branded packaging options for more info.

Templates & Guidelines

Use a template to place and size your artwork exactly to your specifications. Use either your original artwork or your designed template as your art file when placing your order. All artwork must remain in the art boundary box.

Bleed = Background color or design intended to reached the edge of the sticker should extend to the bleed line. This creates a tolerance that ensures the background doesn’t get cut off in production.

Safe Zone = Where all essential information should remain (text, logos, critical design elements). Everything within the safe zone is guaranteed to be printed within the actual sticker size dimensions.

Cut Line = The edge of your finished sticker, or the actual size of the sticker ordered.

Zero Waste - Sheets, Roll, Individual Die Cut

  • Bleed is 1/16" from the cut line
  • Safe Zone is 1/16" from the cut line

Standard - Roll or Individual Die Cut

  • Bleed is 1/16" from the cut line
  • Safe Zone is 1/16" from the cut line

Standard - Stickers on Sheets

  • Bleed is 1/8" from the cut line
  • Safe Zone is 1/8" from the cut line

Art Requirements

Vector Files

To ensure a clear, high-quality print, please send us your artwork in vector format with all fonts outlined and all supporting files embedded. For vector artwork, PDF, AI, and EPS are our preferred choices, but we also accept SVG. We also accept high-resolution files (300 dpi minimum).
Vector is REQUIRED for all clear stickers and Kraft stickers.
Vector format is preferred so that we can scale designs to size without losing any detail. Raster images are typically pixelated and these pixels are visible in the final print. For additional help, check out Vector vs. Raster in our Knowledge Bank.  

Font Size

We recommend a minimum font size of 6 points to ensure legible text. We can print as small as 4 points, but note the text may not be legible.

Ink & Color

Our stickers are printed digitally in CMYK. We will do our best to convert RGB files accurately.

We cannot print white on our paper stickers. This means any white aspect in your design will be the color of the sticker. Consider printing on our standard white paper stickers if you would like to include white in your design.

Clear stickers are printed with white ink behind your design to preserve opacity. White can also be included in the final design.

Zero Waste - Roll or Individual Die Cut

Printed with Toner

Zero Waste - Sticker Sheets

Printed with Toner

Standard - Roll or Individual Die Cut

Printed with UV Ink

Standard - Sticker Sheets

Printed with Toner

Flood Coating

Flood coating is possible, however, it is not recommended because it may lead to streaking and/or uneven coverage in the ink, especially on darker colors. From a sustainability standpoint, we are mindful of the amount of ink used in all our products, and, where possible, we recommend using less ink to achieve beautiful designs.

Custom Samples

Custom sticker samples enable you to test your design prior to placing a large order. These are ideal to get a feel for our materials and print quality. If color matching is important for your brand, we highly recommend ordering a custom sample. Contact us to learn more and get started.

Custom Sample Details

Custom sticker samples are your design printed to size on your chosen facestock. Your design will be printed with the die line so you can see the size of your final sticker, but your design is not cut to shape.

Zero Waste

  • Sheet Sample: $59 (~5 sheets of stickers)*
  • Roll Sample: $150 (~6-10 stickers)
  • Lead time is 1-2 weeks plus transit time
  • Shipping charge will apply


  • Sheet Sample: $45 (~5 sheets of stickers)
  • Roll Sample: $75 (~5-10 stickers)
  • Lead time is 1 week plus transit time
  • Shipping charge will apply

* Zero Waste Sheet Samples are available for Zero Waste uncoated sheet stock size stickers only.

If you are new to sticker printing or have more questions, don’t worry! Just contact us. We would be happy to review your design with you and share our experience and thoughts on how to make sure you turn your into a great print for your customers. And we will then work closely with you during the entire process - from art proof to the delivery of stickers to your door.