EcoEnclose Bill of Materials

We get so many questions about the specifics of our products - what kind of printing inks are used, what goes into our adhesives, what are our release liners made of...

Hearing these questions makes us even more excited about the companies we work with. That you care enough to go the extra mile in truly understanding what your packaging is made of (and how to help your customers best dispose of it) motivates us to continue offering the best, most sustainable options possible. 

We have put together a comprehensive Bill of Materials that outlines the nuanced inputs used across our products and our end of life guidelines.



We've developed a product lined that embodies the standards we’ve put forth in our Framework for Sustainable Packaging. The majority of our products are made with 100% recycled content and as much post-consumer waste as possible. They are largely recyclable. Many are home and industrially compostable.  All but two of our products are manufactured here in the United States of America and all but one is manufactured in North America.

You’ll likely also notice that there is room for us to improve our product line further - such as increasing our post-consumer waste, advancing our adhesives and printing inks, and move towards more eco-friendly release liners. 


If you don’t see specific information you need for a product, please reach out for it by emailing Your questions about our materials helps us constantly better understand and improve our product line. Thank you for your business and for your commitment to running a sustainable company!