Dirty Coast: EcoReport

This shipping box from

was designed with the environment in mind.

How To Dispose

curbside with paper & corrugate
Dirty Coast Chose:

100% Recycled Content

95% post-consumer waste & 5% post-industrial waste.

Made in the USA

Produced and printed in Colorado.

Curbside Recyclable

Curbside recyclable with paper and corrugate products and compostable.

Design Printed with Black Algae Ink

Most ink pigment comes from petroleum sources. This came from algae cells - and it's carbon negative.

This shipping box saves*

2.1894 Gallons of Water
0.0049 BTUs of Energy
3.1233 lbs of Wood
4.9164 lbs of CO2 Equivalent
*Compared to an equivilant shipping box made with no recycled content. Extend the impact by reusing this packaging. We certify these statements here. Our eco calculator lives here.

New Orleans is hot and sultry. While the air's heavy in humidity, the spirit is light. Down-home one mintue and dressed up the next. Confusing, mysterious -- even a little dangerous.

When you truly love something you share it. So: whether you were born here, are a transplant, or simply passing through, we hope you can be a New Orleanian wherever you are.

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