Sand Cloud: EcoReport - Poly Mailer 12x15

This mailer from

was designed with the environment in mind.

How To Dispose

in thin film bins
at grocery stores
Sand Cloud Chose:

50% Recycled Content

Made of 50% Post-Industrial Waste

Made in North America

Recyclable with Thin Film Plastic

Accepted at store drop-off of curbside services that take grocery bags.

Countless stores participate in this service; find your closest option at Plastic Film Recycling.

Don't have access to local drop-off facility? Send them to EcoEnclose for recycling.

Sand Cloud has partnered with EcoEnclose to develop an automated bagging system with the highest levels of recycled content in the industry. There are many improvements yet to be made.
EcoEnclose believes using waste materials in their inputs and designing for recyclability promotes a circular economy and takes us a step towards their vision of complete material circularity. EcoEnclose has made a commitment to Sand Cloud to rapidly innovate this product, increasing the recycled content until 100% is reached. Future goals include using regenerative recyclable bioplastics or recovered ocean plastics in the material mix.
Thank you for supporting Sand Cloud in its sustainability mission.

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