Whisker Labs: EcoReport

This mailer from

was designed with the environment in mind.

How To Dispose

in thin film bins
at grocery stores
Whisker Labs Chose:

Made with Recycled Content

Contains 50.27% recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste.

Made in the USA

Produced in Ohio.

Dual Seal Strip for Reuse

Give this mailer a second life before recycling.

A built-in second seal strip makes this mailer easy to reuse.

Recyclable with Thin Film Plastic

Accepted at store drop-off of curbside services that take grocery bags.

Countless stores participate in this service; find your closest option at Plastic Film Recycling.

Don't have access to local drop-off facility? Send them to EcoEnclose for recycling.


This mailer saves*

1225 BTUs of Electricity
0.03375 Barrels of Oil
0.04888 lbs of CO2 Equivalent
*Compared to an equivilant mailer made with no recycled content. Extend the impact by reusing this packaging. We certify these statements here. Our eco calculator lives here.

With Ting, Whisker Labs helps keeps families, homes, and communities better protected from electrical fire risks inside and outside the home.

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