How To Fold A Tab Locking & Literature Mailer Box

Tab Locking Mailer Box

You’ve ordered your ecofriendly tab locking boxes that have been custom cut to fit perfectly around your products. They arrive and you can’t wait to start fulfilling orders. You open your EcoEnclose delivery to find a stack of flat corrugated.

Now what?

If you’ve never folded a tab locking box and aren’t sure where to start – these tutorial videos are for you. As a bonus, they will work for our ecofriendly literature mailers as well.

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Where To Begin?

How to assemble a tab locking box from start to finish. Don't worry, after you do it a few times, it will start to go quickly and become second nature!

Having Issues Folding Your Box?

The most common issue people face is that the tabs of the side panels don't go into the slot. In almost all cases, this is because they fold over the side panel on the wrong crease - crease 2 instead of crease 1. It seems like such a minor thing, but it makes the side panel up to one quarter inch shorter than it should be.

This video shows this issue in more detail. Don't worry, the box is still perfectly fine! You can just construct the box again, folding over on crease 1 instead of crease 2.

Just Need A Quick Refresher?

This quick video gives an overview of folding the box up, and shows a few common box folding errors.