Custom Branded Water Activated Tape

Our water activated tape can be Custom Branded

This is a great way to help ensure your box stands out from the crowd! 

The minimum order quantity for Custom Branded Water Activated tape is 6 cases (60 rolls total). 

We can custom print your WAT in one, two, three or four color designs.  One and two color designs can be ordered through the website, using the below product links. Check out our current lead times here.

Looking for information on high volume custom projects? We can help with that, too. If you are looking for something more complex, such as a flood coat or three or four color print, please contact us.


The following tables provides PER CASE pricing. Art plates for first time orders are $200 each, and you'll need an art plate for each color you are printing

Custom Branded Non-Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Fiberglass-free! This tape is great for lightweight shipping boxes, and is rated for boxes weighing 10-15 lbs. Pricing does not include art plates.


6 Cases

15 Cases

30 Cases

60 Cases

120 Cases

One Color $140.04 $81.40 $72.90 $62.70 $60.20
Two Color $147.04 $85.70 $77.10 $67.30 $64.60

Custom Branded Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Fiberglass reinforcements makes this a great tape for heavier boxes, up to 25 lbs. Pricing does not include art plates.

Colors6 Cases15 Cases30 Cases60 Cases120 Cases
One Color $131.67 $88.60 $80.00 $69.30 $66.60
Two Color $138.53 $93.60 $85.00 $74.00 $71.00

Printing Specifications

All of our Water Activated Tape can be custom printed at minimum order quantities of 6 cases. You can order single or two color prints through our website. If you are looking for something more complex, such as a flood coat or three or four color print, please contact us.

Note that if you are ordering custom branded water activated tape with us for the first time, the cost of the art plate will be added to your order. You will need a plate for each color you are printing, and art plates are $200 each. So, if you have a two color design, you'll see $400 added to your order. 

When placing your order, you'll be asked to upload an art file. Please ensure your art file meets the following specifications:

  • Design your artwork around a 12” drum, leaving a ¼” gap in between repeating designs
  • Art file must be in Vector format
  • All fonts must be outlined
  • All Supporting files must be embedded

Note that PDF previews may render differently in browser previews and phones. Proof colors will vary from monitor to monitor and are only used as reference.

Stock ink colors are available, and custom PMS matching is available at $130.00/color

If you are printing more than two colors, the pricing will be an additional $3.50 per case above the 2 color pricing you see (4 colors max).

Flood coats: For white/light flood, add $12.00/case. For black/dark flood, add $17.00/case.

Note that we also offer heavier duty, branded reinforced tape, with options for packages up to 60 lbs. Contact us for more information.

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